Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/18/2010: "And Your New Keeper Is.." Crew v. Toluca Postgame

So, how long before Andy Greunebaum is healthy?:

Hesmer should seriously spend more time focusing on goalkeeping for the Crew than being the CBA negotiation poster boy. I have heard some people call the second Sinha goal a lob and others call it a beautiful strike. But, it was a lob (a clinical lob but still a lob) and Hesmer was covering the near post, where the wall was, instead of covering the wide open far post, where there was no one getting in the way of a lob. I was at Claddagh's last night and there were a lot of "what the hell?" comments on that goal. There are also many there of the opinion that Hesmer has been average since mid-season last year and could base most of his salary increase on a good defense by MLS standards. You could check some bigsoccer threads to get the drift. So, if you wanted your answer Hesmer to why your not given the freedom and other rights of an EPL player, there you go. The mistreated Hesmer can strike for all I care, the Crew could have $100,000 extra bucks to spend on someone worth it. Gruenebaum is by no means a drop off, heck we could have picked up Hartman, or even have signed the Toluca goal posts who made more saves last night. Awful positioning on the second goal, why make it easier for Toluca?

**Lenhart goes from hero to villian. I won't diss on him because without him in the first game we are nowhere close to having a shot in the second leg. But, Renteria was just about to spring a hopeful looking counterattack and Lenhart gets his red when we are in possession of the ball. That is what is worse about that. Ruining a good opportunity by retailating then.

**Speaking of Renteria.. Why is he not starting!?!?!?!?!?! The guy has been outstanding both times on the field in this Quarterfinal. He has given us energy on the field and he has been very confident on the ball. When you look at someone who has been working hard in the offseason to improve, it's Renteria. And, actually Renteria might be better for us at right midfield, I think that is where he was at for both legs and he has looked fantastic there. I would be fine at putting him at right mid and moving Gaven to central or left midfield so we can get Rogers out of the starting eleven.

**Right there with Hesmer, someone relying on their name alone is Robbie Rogers. Rogers was god awful in the second leg. Every time he got the ball he would dribble it to a Toluca player for a nice counterattack, pass it to a Toluca player for a nice counterattack, or run to the end line and stumble out of bounds. The one time that his dribbling session worked he had a wide open Lenhart, with acres of space around him, and he played it 20 yards to the left of Lenhart. Terrible game last night, it's astonishing with how Rogers has been for the Crew that he gets as many call ups as he has for the US National Team.

**So, who showed well? O'Rourke, Guillermo, and Hejduk. O'Rourke was great, Guillermo fell down a bit too much in the beginning but had two goals and some fine dribbles around the Toluca defense, Hejduk redeemed himself from his play at the end of last season. Even Iro I thought played a better than usual game.

**Also, I thought the substitutions were a bit late last night. Rogers should have been off of the field at half. Renteria and Ekpo should have been on by the 60th minute, it was apparent by then that Rogers and Gaven were not going to show up with something magical for this game.

**In the end myself and other fans are probably being a little harsh as a preseason Crew did compete until the end against a Mexican side. This probably means we will absolutely crush a still befuddled TFC. But, at some point, with the missed chances and the boneheaded mistakes, the Crew should be in the Semifinal, preseason form or not it was their game for the taking.


  1. good game, tough loss. i thought guillermo played well but was it just me or did anyone else think he was carrying a bit of a gut? i dont think that extra weight helps out any

  2. How about we lay off Hesmer? Sure he got beat... by two ridiculous free kicks! Gruenebaum isn't stopping those.

    A certain 80 yard chip comes to mind when Gruenebaum comes up...

  3. If you look at Hesmer's stats... What percentage of shots on goal has he actually stopped in the last 15-20 games? How many soft goals has he allowed in? The posts last night made more saves then he did! Heck, when Thorton can get to the ground faster then Hesmer... one might want to question why the hell we haven't started looking for another goalie!!

  4. Gruenebaum is the worst professional goalkeeper i've ever seen. I have literally seen a ball bounce over the guy's head four times!!! How does this happen at this level???? This is a stretch but I say try to trade Hesmer to Notts County and lets get Schmikel in here!

  5. To #3... I take it you didn't actually look at Hesmer's stats or watched last year at all? Hesmer had a .95 goals against average, 3rd best in the league. So if you want to get rid of the third best keeper in the league, be my guest.

  6. Kevin. I do watch every game but you are not understanding what I am saying. I am not talking about the number of goals. I am talking about how many shots that are on goal does he has actually save. On paper, he may be the 3rd best goalie in the league but he is no where near, the 3rd best goalie in this league!!

  7. Hesmer has saved 165 out of 216 shots in the last two seasons with the Crew. That's a savr percentage of 76%. Compare that to Onstad of Houston, who has 75%, and Jon Busch, with 77%. Hesmer is right there when it comes to making saves. Still don't quite understand why people aren't a fan of Hesmer. He's undoubtedly our #1