Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3/16/2010: Renteria- "If there is a strike, I'm going back to Venezuela"

Renteria believes that the March 27th game against TFC will not be played as neither side in the CBA negotiations is about to budge. Renteria says that he is unlikely to wait around if there is a work stoppage and will head back to Venezuela to play there.

From Lider en deportes:
"Until now, if that happens, I would go to Venezuela. I do not know if I'll train with Caracas or something, but here I will not stand idle," said a concerned Renteria. "Four months is a long time for a player without doing anything, and every foreigner is going to have to go home because we could not stay here."

However, Emilio says for now him and the team are focused on the game in Toluca and that he hopes to continue to do whatever to help the team.


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