Monday, February 8, 2010

2/9/2010: Zayner's Blog Is Quite Rad

If you haven't heard about Jed Zayner's blog, I don't know where you have been. But, some very cool, daily updates from the players in Bradenton, Florida at Jed's blogspot. Also, leaked the news about Sergio Herrera and I think DouDou (or rather DuDu) Toure as well.

Some great pictures as well, like Steven Lenhart doing the jerk:

And, here are the thoughts of the self-proclaimed facebook creeper and Bachelor watcher, Chad Marshall. And, as someone that watches the Bachelor as family bonding night with my mother, I have to say the dude is fake and Ali's job making her come back is the best thing to happen to that girl. I mean, she's a little hottie:

So, I hope that dude ends up with crazy eyed Vienna, leave the good girls like Ali for the non-douchers:

Hey it's the offseason, got to get into something, lol.


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