Monday, February 8, 2010

2/8/2010: Schelotto Really, Really, Really, Really Likes Columbus.

A Crew legend. (Pics by Studio 79, Sam Fahmi).

So, why did Guillermo Barros Schelotto, winner of 18 trophies, take a pay cut to stay with the Crew in 2010 and possibly 2011 as well? Well, according to the Columbus Dispatch and GBS himself, he really, really likes Columbus.

"I come back because I like Columbus," he said. "We needed to fix some numbers on the new contract, but most important for me was to (stay) in Columbus. The United States is beautiful, but I love Columbus. It is best."

He also likes how he isn't hounded in America compared to how he is in Argentina:
"Columbus is beautiful and clean, and quiet. You can do everything without problems. When you are in Argentina, when you are at your house and you want to go to another place, you need to think about a lot of things. Here, it is very simple."

I was amused by this fact, at the 2008 playoff rally in the Mall, Crew fans left Schelotto almost completely alone except for a couple "hi, how are you doing's?" Guillermo was just standing off to the side with his kids, listening to someone speaking, with fans all around. But, the fans were not bothering him, just giving him nervous or amused glances. I mean just about everyone at that rally knows who he is and bows to Guillermo weekly on corner kicks, but seem to have enough respect to give him his peace and it appears to have paid off.

But, I have to admit, when I see Guillermo at the Season Awards playing roulette at the same table as I'm playing... It is pretty hard to just be like, "oh, yeah there is Guillermo, no big deal."

Also, Guillermo knows he wants to be a coach in the future (and had quite the offer to coach Boca Juniors a few weeks back) but feels that he can still play at a high level for Columbus and he has from his 40's to retirement to coach. Plenty of time. The interesting thing is will he coach back in crazy Argentina, where the stress and pressure could be too much for anyone at times, or with his new green card- will he join up on the Crew's staff and possibly be the Head Coach of the Columbus Crew someday.

I don't know about you (and I'm guessing with all the angry emails sent to the FO, according to the Dispatch, about resigning Schelotto- you're on the same page) would be alright with many, many more years of Schelotto.

Further, I'm glad Schelotto took the pay cut. I feel that he might of felt it was necessary too for the team, because they needed a guy like Sergio Herrera who could finish what GBS starts. And, according to Jed Zayner's blog, it appears that GBS might be really liking the decision nowadays.


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