Saturday, February 27, 2010

2/27/2010: Rest In Peace, Wonderful Jed Zayner Blog

Apparently, Jed Zayner has had enough of the blogging world after the fun police (likely the Crew front office) told Zayner to take down his last post.

Zayner's Twitter: Took down the post, not gonna do it probably for good. I do not like the anxiety that it brings. Always gotta watch what you say.

I hear Zayner on that one. In a perfect world, bloggers could share whatever they wanted without everyone with a stick up their butt, flipping out over it. But, tis' not a perfect world, and apparently Crew fans cannot know about Kenny Schoeni's HUGE, THUNDEROUS, TERRIBLE SMELLING POOPS, FREQUENTLY and that Schoeni listens to children's music.

I think that makes Schoeni a human being.. Everyone poops. But, whatever. It was a great week of blogging from Zayner that the fans really liked. And, if the powers that be had any sort of thinking prowress, they would give Zayner a small select set of boundries he cannot cross and set him up with his own professional looking blog. Things like those posts from the week in Bradenton, Florida will be something that will bring more fans to the club. Good fans want to cheer on and support good people.

Two stick ideas:
"We Shall Overblog"
Kenny Schoeni on the toilet, "when I'm in the middle of a huge, thunderous poop. I always reach for mo johnston charmin or tfc-nelle."


  1. This is a shame. I was in tears laughing by the end of the Gino interview. It could be a great feature every week on the drab & sterile Crew web site.

  2. Like a comet burning bright as it falls toward the sun, it was glorious while it lasted. Hopefully it will make a return someday. I am all for the "We Shall Overblog" two-stick. Awesome idea.