Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2/2/2010: Renteria Plays No Part in 0-0 Venezuelan Draw, Caper Steals IPod From Crew Offices; And Other Crew News

Current Crew striker Emilio Renteria was available for selection and former Crew striker Alejendro Moreno played 90 minutes, as Venezuela played out a scoreless draw against Japan (Getty Images).

**Former Crew striker Alejandro Moreno got a full 90 minute run out for Venezuela against Japan in a friendly in Oita earlier today. But, according to the Venezuelan federation website, current Crew striker Emilio Renteria found no time on the field during the 0-0 draw.

**According to NBC 4 Columbus:
A caper armed with a brick smashed into the Columbus Crew offices this past weekend and ran off with just a $150 dollar iPod. Hopefully the iPod at least has some good tunes on it; As the damages to the window were $1,000 and the jail time isn't likely going to be worth a $150 dollar iPod for the street caper. Obviously, the thief wasn't up on the likelihood that a couple MLS trophies might be worth more than an iPod.

And, gladly, none of my tifo's from last year, that are stored somewhere in the Crew front office (or have been thrown away by now), were reported missing. Whoo!

**Also, just about everyone has seen the following links, but since we have no update on the new strikers that joined the Crew in Bradenton, Florida, I'll post them here just in case you missed it.

-Sirk is back with an update on Lenhart and etc's great offseasons, worth the read per usual.
-At the Black & Gold Standard, The Crew have some pictures from training camp last week synched up to some music that sounds like a mix between elevator and 70's shaggedelic.

-The Crew have selected a new Strength & Fitness Coach, Mike Tremble, who worked with Boston University's soccer team as a graduate assistant. Tremble replaces Steve Tashijan who joined Everton of the EPL last season.
-The Crew have also reportedly selected a Digital Content Editor. If you don't know what that is. Apparently, every team is picking up a blogger that knows html and etc. to help with their digital content.

I actually got sent the job link by a reader and figured what the heck. So, I threw a resume in for that job, since I somewhat do Digital Content every day for the Crew for free, and even have gotten their name out to some publications in Europe (one in Norway, one in Poland). And, I figured I'm pretty adept at html code, javascript, videos, podcasts, etc. The skills needed for that job. So, I threw one in. I didn't get selected and I'm not surprised on not being picked. First off, Crewture can be a bit controversial at times. Secondly, I could be overlooked or be underrated as just some kid with a blog. I just hope it was Steve Sirk. And, I hope whoever it was is not a fan of corny slogans, and will get rid of them once and for all, like this one:

Maybe it is just me but I'm not a huge fan of these slogans that all MLS teams have on their websites. At least that's not as bad as San Jose's horrible question slogans at the top of their website last year:

How about, what's a Mickey Mouse league?

It's not like Manchester United's website has one of these things that say "Kicking ass for years" or the Cleveland Browns have one that says "Playing Like The Collective Dawg Pound's Litter Box Since 2000."

All you got to put on the top of the page is Columbus Crew with a picture of our trophies. Or Columbus Crew: A Massive Club, with a picture of the trophies and maybe one overview shot of the players and the fans jumping around in the Nordecke at a Supporters Shield celebration. Maybe a flash one like Man U. has, would be better as well, something that grabs your attention.

Something like that.. Instead of we came, we saw, we conquered. Or were playing some serious ball over here. Also, they could change up and make the work hard, play harder (now two year running) commercial a bit more exciting. Maybe with real fans and real players, instead of cardboard versions.
But, I digress.


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