Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2/16/2010: On To The Next One... Crew News.

** I found some better software that allows Crewture to capture videos in higher quality and do some other things with the CCTV videos. I'm going to look at starting a new, more in depth Crew run up to the 2010 season video over the next couple of days. It should be better than my usual as I spend usually only a few hours making videos. And, I'll work on this over a couple of days.

I'm thinking of using this tune as the backdrop:

As it pretty much screams, "I'm going to kick your ass." Which is what the Crew will do to everyone in 2010.. Yeah even you Toluca.

**I also plan to get a Massive Radio up at some point (been really busy with school this week) and I have started my first banner of 2010. I'll post pictures of those on the 94' Boys private facebook when their done. So, if your interested got to become a member, sorry, don't want our rivals seeing them like we did last year.

**As for the team, not much going on in Crew world, as the team is back from Bradenton, Florida, and is taking a nice four day break. According to Mitchell, the team will resume practice on Wednesday and Thursday here in Columbus before flying to Phoenix, Arizona on Friday. The Crew will play the Los Angeles Galaxy on Sunday and Chivas USA/C.D. Los Angeles on February 27th.

**Also, here's a story from Shawn Mitchell, regarding Moffat attempting to put his injury woes behind him, just in case you have missed it.


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