Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2/16/2010: If There Are No More Chivas Girls, I Don't Want To Live.

CHIVAS AND CHIVAS USA TO BE RENAMED? All I gots to say is if there are no more Chivas girls, I don't want to live.

Other than that, I think Chivas USA being renamed is a good thing. Thank the MLS soccer gods, and while were at it can we change the ridicoulous Real Salt Lake name?

As, apparently, Chivas/Chivas USA owner Jorge Vergara has lost the rights to the Chivas brand name. Oh, the horror. For Mr. Vergara, this is predictably a very bad thing for Chivas Guadalajara, but for Chivas USA it's probably a great thing. As the Chivas USA name likely turns off a lot of Mexicans and other Latinos in the Los Angeles area who are not fans of Chivas. I mean if Vergara was smart from the beginning he would have tried to create his own Latino-inspired team in Los Angeles that did not steal the history, logos, and colors of a team just over the border. As legacy stealing is probably not a good thing for MLS squads, when most have no legacy. Further, a logo and etc. created from scratch invites all Los Angeles latinos to get behind that club, so bring on C.D. Los Angeles.

While we are at it, can we change the damn Real Salt Lake name already to Royal Salt Lake. As Real Salt Lake has about as much in common with Real Madrid as Beckerman does to Ronaldo in terms of talent and acceptable hairdo's.


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