Monday, February 1, 2010

2/1/2010: Dutch Lions Taking Shape; Sign van de Haar, Bas Ent, Jeff Popella

Hans van de Haar (L) and Bas Ent (R)

**The Dayton Dutch Lions F.C. have signed two more Dutch players officially in Hans van de Haar and Bas Ent.

The 35 year old, Van de Haar, has been on the Dutch Lions radar since the new year; Van de Haar has 17 years of soccer experience including a vast career in the Holland top flight, as well as stints in the Bundesliga with SV Ulm and a stint in Austria with SW Bregenz. Van de Haar will bring experience to the Dutch Lions attack on a two and a half year contract. Further, it is likely Van de Haar will assume a GBS-like role, of older, diminuitive veteran in the midfield for DDL F.C.

Bas Ent is on the other side of the age spectrum. At just 22 years of age, he has had some success playing with Erstedivise side FC Volendam. Ent is a speedy right winger that likes to take players on (sort of in the Robbie Rogers mold) and has a good cross.

On Saturday, DDL F.C. had their try outs. 55 American players showed up and one local Dayton player has already secured a contract. That is former Dayton University forward and recent graduate Jeff Popella. Popella was a top player in the A-10 and for Dayton as a striker. [Here's a video of the tryouts]

After taking care of the roster. On Sunday, the ownership group was busy interviewing for jobs and internships. I was actually there with an internship interview. The owners were really cool, energetic, sharp dressers that proclaimed that we would all get Italian suits (at least that is what I heard, lol), and overall I was impressed with their ideas. I would write a little more about the experience, but not sure what else I can share. I hope they pick me though.


  1. Here's an idea for a chant come MLS 2010. It's done by a couple of clubs and it's really simple. On youtube you can see Tottenham and Arsenal fans both singing it. Obviously this version is fitted for Toronto.

    "If you have Toronto, Stand up! Stand up!"

    It's simple and easy and if done early in a game, could be pretty freakin sweet.

  2. AH good call. Yes, I meant HATE for those syrup suckers