Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/10/2010: Crew Keep Themselves Occupied & Entertained In Camp; Plus Other Crew News

Pic via the Jed Zayner blog..

The Jed Zayner blog, run by the Crew right back seems to be getting better and better each day. The blog is quite the fan favorite as the website has gotten 62 followers in the last week. And, today's installment might be even the best yet, as it just follows some of the conversations the team has; this one includes some fun that Guillermo, Lenhart, and Robbie have when they're not in training. One thing this team never seems to have a problem with is locker room trouble or, for that matter, being boring.

**Apparently the Crew will not play against Toronto FC this Thursday as TFC likely wants to delay their beatdown until the season. As Toronto FC has declined the Crew's preseason request and has decided to instead play someone they might have a chance against, the University of Central Florida.

** Also, more from Shawn Mitchell, as Garey appears to be hungry to make himself known this season; as the striker, who just signed a four year deal, scored a hat trick today against the IMG Academy U-19 side. Moffat also notched one. Duka had a pair of assists, Witkowski had one, and so did Brunner.

It appears from the daily lineups, that Warzycha is trying his best not to wear anyone out in preseason and is giving everyone a turn now on seperate days.

**More on the Crew's new signing Sergio Herrera. Herrera seems to be coming into his element and hitting his stride as a striker. His 2009/2010 season with top Columbian side Deportivo Cali was one of his best yet, the 28 year old Herrera notched 18 goals in 34 league appearances, and also notched a goal in Deportivo's one Copa Sudamericana appearance. Herrera's second half of the season, just this past Fall, saw the Columbian international on likely his best form ever as Herrera scored 10 goals in 14 appearances during that part of the season in the Columbian top flight. Sergio had an injury hit him at the end of last season, not too different than Danny O'Rourke or Brian Carroll's stituation, and because of that partnered with his salary and the fact that Deportivo wanted to go a younger, different route; Herrera was dropped from Deportivo despite a strike rate of 10 goals in 14 games in his last half season. Their loss, our gain. Herrera then went on after being dropped by them to try to get on a couple other Columbian top sides, but he wasn't 100% percent fit at the time and was bypassed. A few months down the road, Herrera appears to be 100% percent fit and connecting well with Guillermo Barros Schelotto, according to Jed Zayner's blog.

If Herrera is 100% percent fit, he is coming right into his prime (as a lot of people say that strikers hit their stride around 27 or 28; as can be witnessed by 10 goals in his last 14 outings) and Herrera could be the answer to the one thing we are missing on this team. A creative finisher up top.

Let's hope the good signs turn into good results starting March 9th.

**Also, I'm looking to do a Massive Radio this weekend sometime to discuss all the new signings, trialists, and happenings around the Crew. I'm looking for a co-host. Not sure who yet. If you have an interest, feel free to email me.


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