Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1/5/2010: GBS To Get Green Card; MLS His Destination, Guillermo Hopes With The Crew

Pic by Sam Fahmi

After having harsh words and telling off Gimnasia's leadership a week ago:
"I do not feel that the leaders want to take Gymnastics to the situation in which it is slowly growing, but instead the opposite is true."

And also saying:
"I have a relationship with another club (Columbus Crew), that I can solve..."

Guillermo has taken a step further in his intentions of solving his stituation with the Crew; as GBS is in the process of obtaining an American green card, according to one source that has talked to the Columbus Dispatch.

A few weeks back, I also had a source that has come through often, say a deal with Columbus is 100% percent expected between the Crew and Schelotto and that basically it is just down to this and that, allocation, maybe possibly even bonuses. Today, much of the same is still expected from that source.

I also got an email today from another source who came through on the Emilio deal (even when the Dispatch said Emilio was totally unlikely), who also said Guillermo is getting his green card and attempting to work something out with Columbus, and has been since my other source said. The source also said that it is very likely that Guillermo and the Crew will work something out as Guillermo would greatly prefer playing for the Crew compared to another team in MLS.

But, if something drastically different happens, the green card could mean that Guillermo might try to work something out with a different team if the Crew and him can't work it out this January. Nevertheless, I'm really confident from everything that I have seen and that has been sent to me, that Guillermo and the Crew in 2010 is still 100% percent on.


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