Monday, January 4, 2010

1/5/2010: Jake Obviously Prefers Crazy Butterfaces

If you haven't heard a Massive Club like the Columbus Crew eventually has to have someone associated with the club (be it a player or a cheerleader) on a hit tv show like the Bachelor. That's just reality, massively talented clubs attract massively talented people who get on television. And, if you haven't heard Columbus Crew cheerleader Emily Harkins was on the Bachelor tonight. Unfornately, despite in my opinion being by far one of the best looking ones and by far less ridicoulous, Emily was booted.

I actually watched it tonight because I live with my mom and my sister (I'm getting my Masters, haha so don't judge) and I rarely control the big screen tv. So, lifetime and TLC all day, every day, poor me. And, let's just say that this Jake dude doesn't have good taste.. If you watched the first five girls Jakey poo picked were all hideous looking monsters. To put it in the kindest terms possible.

Further, the girls he picked were trying too hard with silly little rouses. Like the girl in the Halloween pilots outfit, eww. And, that Vienna girl with the little stupid dog, seriously, over that Emily girl, seriously. Haha, and that last girl that was convinced she was going to get married to him and was crying over him in a hour. Seriously? And, the girl that played airplane with him.. Umm.. Seriously.

In my opinion (and most guys who don't really believe butter faces have more character just because their butter faces), Emily was one of the top two, with Gia.. All the rest, meh..

Also, if I know the Nordecke, there might have to be a rose tifo in order or at least a "Jake's A Jerkface" banner and chant, in good fun of course.


  1. what a d-bag. i watched the show (pretty much there is nothing else to do on a monday night). he just got rid of the hottest crewzer and the next hottest girl in gia. obviously butter-faces with no personalities make this dude's wanker stiff.

  2. Yeah, I watched as well, haha seriously need some footie right now.. The second girl he picked was a 30 year old mom that looked like a witch with a funny accent.. And, that girl with the dog Vienna was horrible.. Really, really bad.

    This Jake dude isn't on the smart side when it comes to picking women. Emily was like the top two or three.

  3. Because that tifo wouldn't be offensive to homosexual sports fans around the country... i remember the soccer fag jokes. wouldn't be fun or funny at all, really

  4. Relax Mr. Offended. The article isn't in a serious tone, the Crew fans are not actually going to do it. And, they will probably forget about this by March anyways.

    And, yeah I still get the soccer fag ribbing from fans but I laugh it off because I don't get ultra offended by every little thing. Get a life dude.

  5. Lol, I changed it to "Jake's a Jerkface" before Wanda Skykes shows up. My bad didn't even notice.

  6. Forgive my ignorance. How do you get two sticks, banners, tifo, etc, into the stadium?