Monday, January 4, 2010

1/4/2010: Massive Radio Superdraft 2010 Podcast With Draft Analyst Buzz Carrick

The Crew have a lot of different avenues they can take at the 8 and 12 spots in this year's MLS Superdraft, we talk about some of them with 3rd degree editor and draft analyst Buzz Carrick.

First off, I would like to thank Buzz Carrick over at the 3rd Degree for being nice enough to take 20 minutes out of his day to talk the Crew draft and (in general) the 2010 MLS Superdraft with Crewture. Personally, I haven't heard much actual live discussion in a podcast or talkshow or ESPN format about the 2010 MLS Superdraft yet; especially with someone such as Buzz who knows his stuff or well much of anyone for that matter. And, I think it's something that should occur for league viability, as the MLS Superdraft does not have much of a build up compared to the NFL Draft where ESPN devotes months of dicussion to who could and should be picked. Even a hour show a few days before the draft would be great for all of us who are soccer starved. Especially since really, the only actual on air, MLS Superdraft discussion seems to come when Alexei Lalas and that little Irish fellow discuss a few talents 10 minutes before the draft. But, I imagine if there was that kind of build up, you could relate Mr. Carrick as the Mel Kiper of MLS with the draft board.

In this 20 minute podcast, Buzz and myself (well I try my best) not only discuss the Crew's picks but also the dark horses in the draft, other first round scenario's for FC Dallas and other teams, who could be the vaunted second coming of Chris Pontius in this draft, how there is always a baffling pick in the first round, and etc. Click the player below to listen:

Here are some notables if you need the cliff note version of what to look for in this year's Crew Draft:

1.) Buzz believes that Andre Akpan will not slip to number 8. Basically, if FC Dallas doesn't pick him up (and they most likely will), then possibly DC United will pick Akpan if FCD goes with Toni Stahl over Akpan.

2.) Therefore, if the Crew go for a forward at number #8, that is if they do go for a forward because Buzz believes they don't really, really need anything specifically (unlike most teams) then it will be Andrew Wiedeman. Buzz rates Wiedeman and Akpan as polished college forwards who are near the level where they could contribute in MLS. He also believes that Wiedeman is a Taylor Twellman type. Further, Buzz says that both Akpan and Wiedeman play high up the field, so there kind of unlike Alejandro Moreno who checks back often to midfield, which may be good or may be bad depending on who the Crew resigns. I think Warzycha sees this as good since he got rid of Moreno, I think he wants a box striker.

3.) But, the Crew could also bypass the forwards at number #8, selecting Okugo or someone else here, and go with Wake Forest forward Zack Schilawski at #12. Zack Schilawski could be the surprise forward the Crew could go with in this draft. As one thing Buzz seemed to be very high on was Zack Schilawski, I think he mentioned him the most out of any player I didn't prompt him on, especially his speed and that he might even be more like a Robbie Rogers type. So, if the Crew select Zack Schilawski I think it is a pretty good indicator that Robbie Rogers is headed to FC Twente or elsewhere before March. Keep a look out for that.

4.) If the Crew go the Gino Padula heir apparent route with one of our picks it shouldn't be for Ofori Sarkodie, despite the Dayton, OH routes. Ives has Sarkodie at #13 with the Chicago Fire, but Buzz does not rate him at all and says Sarkodie will likely drop to the second or third round. He has some solid reasons in the podcast, but also said, "hey you never know." He believes if your looking for a Gino Padula heir apparent, it would be better to look at San Diego University left back Ryan Peterman or Creighton left back Seth Sinovic. Both, with two to three years underneath Padula could be great to step in that role by then. Might be worth looking at if anyone remembers the Tim Ward 07' days.

5.) Buzz also believes that if any team in the first round was to take a risk on a McInerney(17), Okugo(18), or Luis Gil(17) type it will be Columbus. This is because out of all the first round teams, Columbus probably least likely needs someone who can contribute right away. Instead, the Crew could take one of these guys with great raw potential and stow them away for a year or two, and either one of these three could end up to be the best player or a bust.

6.) Buzz believes that Akron midfielder Blair Gavin would be a great pick at #12, compares him to a Chris Armas type... Except with better passing but lacking as much tackling effectiveness. Gavin, like a Carroll, was essential for making the attack happen at Akron as Carroll does with Columbus. Could be also great for those ones who want O'Rourke back in the backline, but then again Warzycha seems pretty high on keeping Brunner in the starting 11.

7.) The dark horses, maybe someone the Crew could pilfer with their third round picks include Barry Rice(who will likely go much sooner despite not being selected for the combine, Buzz is very high on him), Mark Blades, Eric Estrada, and there were a couple others on the podcast but I'm having trouble finding it at the moment. So, guess you'll just have to listen to that.


  1. Really good stuff. This is better info than even ESPN Soccernet, Ives, or the Dispatch when it comes to this draft. Buzz really knows his stuff, good thing to listen to.

  2. good work, enjoyed listening.