Sunday, January 3, 2010

1/4/2010: Massive Radio Draft Podcast Tomorrow

**If everything goes to plan I'll be doing a quick 10 to 15 minute podcast with Buzz Carrick from over at the independent FC Dallas website the 3rd Degree tomorrow. I just wanted to pick his brain a little bit about who the Crew will actually pick and who they should pick. As for this draft and the previous two drafts that Crewture has been around for, I have always looked at Mr. Carrick's website first for draft information and to sort of get an idea of who the Crew would select. Carrick even does the writing on the draft for ESPN Soccernet, so hopefully he can give us Crew fans a better idea and some insight on what to expect.

Also, I do have some questions typed up, but if you have a good one for Mr. Carrick. Leave a comment with your name, and I'll definitely throw a couple in there from my readers.

**I just finished Soccernomics, the first one I read out of the three books I bought at Barnes & Noble with my $50 dollar Christmas gift card. Ever since I was like 14 my family has gave me a gift card to book stores and over the last three years the purchasing has changed from history books to soccer books.

Anyways, I think I'm going to check out The Beckham Experiment next.. Anyone else read any of these books. What do you think of each of them? It's the offseason, so humor me. Maybe we can be like my mom and her friends and start a soccer book club, haha.


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