Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1/27/2010: More Strikers On The Way

That worked out well. Crew won a Championship and Maciej Zurawski ended up in Cyprus. Wonder if Maciej Zurawski ever has a change of heart since he now finds himself playing in Cyprus. Just joking, hopefully, the Polish striker is someone a bit younger, who may have a chance to get on the NT team eventually.

According to Mitchell today in the Dispatch (bottom of the page blurb), the two upcoming trialists that the Crew are waiting to put discoveries on (the one Polish player and the one American-would he be an overseas American then?) are both strikers and will be joining the team in Florida next week.

I just hope that there both a little more exciting then Acosta's and Bredun's resumes, no offense to both; but neither has been really lighting it up in Syria or Belarus respectively the last year. Would be nice if the Polish one was someone who has played regularly in the last two or three years.

Would be nice if it was a regular striker who plays in the Ekstraklasa (Polish top flight) worth some hyping, but not the name of Maciej Zurawski, a cheaper name who hasn't hit it just yet on their NT team or national league.

Most likely it will be some Polish player whose a striker in Kazakistan or something. And, the American striker will be playing in the English Conference National or something, lol. We'll see.

God knows we could use a striker who can actually score some goals. So, fingers crossed. Any thoughts on who it could be? Shouldn't be hard to widdle down the list of disgruntled American strikers overseas.


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