Friday, January 22, 2010

1/22/2010: Crew Bidding On Foreign Strikers

Stern John or Malvin Kamara could have been targets. If the Crew missed out on John, did they take Dike hoping to fashion him into a Stern John mold?

In an interesting new post over on Shawn Mitchell's Crew Xtra blog, Mitchell found out from Bliss, that the Crew have somehow worked Schelotto's salary where Columbus, now has enough room to add a player who may be more than the $60,000 to $80,000 a year type. And, that in actuality the Crew offered two contracts to two foreign strikers at the beginning of January. From rumors over the offseason, probably a Honduran (since Bliss was scouting their national team a month back in Tampa Bay) or Stern John or maybe even Malvin Kamara (lets hope not). But, both offers were turned down by the strikers for other opportunities in different leagues. Here it is in Bliss's words:
--The re-signing of Schelotto has left the Crew with "enough (salary-cap) room to add a player to the roster, somebody who may be more than a $60,000 or $80,000-type guy," Bliss said.

That is great news. But, what I find really interesting is whether there is enough room on the Crew for another foreign striker. Although I think another foreign striker is needed. It still makes me wonder whether there is enough room on our roster for Lenhart, the just re-signed Garey, Renteria, Bright Dike, and one more striker? Or will the Crew drop one of those five early in the season, whichever one underperforms? We'll see. But, I guess five strikers isn't bad on a 24 man roster though, especially if Dike is more of a project.

So, for the current four strikers, I doubt there is too much to worry about. Out of the four, they all have a chance to be a starter, as no one has put their claim yet on being the go to guy. More might be expected out of Renteria, but no one expects world beating numbers yet out of Garey or Lenhart, and no one knows what yet to expect from Dike. Hopefully one of them can start bringing those numbers. And, even though we have usually had about four strikers maximum, we will need almost two lines at times with Champions League qualifications, so a fifth striker could be used to back up both lines.


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