Thursday, January 21, 2010

1/21/2010: 94' BOYS- New Ultras Group

A video for the new group myself and 7 other friends are starting for the Crew. Were not looking to step on any other shoes. Were going to stand on the far left side by the stage, plenty of room for an ultras group there by the Crewzers. This group is just for the people that don't fit into the current mold and want to try the ultras thing.

A little about 94' BOYS:
**The name is a double-entendre. It means being with your team for 94 minutes (what an ultra does) and it also describes the year the Crew were founded. The BOYS part is just fashioned after a lot of European Ultra groups, that call themselves BOYS. BAD BLUE BOYS, BOYS SAN, ORANGE CITY BOYS, RUDE BHOYS, to name a few. We thought it was more interesting than 94' ULTRAS or Columbus Ultras.
**No leaders, no supporters gear, limited team gear, just full passion.
**Were interested in creating a real European type atmosphere in the Nordecke. With eventive displays, some smoke bombs, you name it.
**Were looking for 50 to 100 guys that can start new chants and help on new banners.
**We believe that if we can get 50 to 100 guys that can chant, new chant ideas in unison, that this will help spread those chants to the rest of the Nordecke. As we have noticed that it has been hard for 5 or 6 guys to start a new chant in a sea of 3,000 people.
**Same goes with banners and displays. We hope our creativity in banners and displays will interest the rest of the Nordecke to have more interest in doing them as well.
**Also we believe that if there are 50 to 100 guys coordinating a display, that tifos can be worked more smoothly. For all the work put into nice crowd banners last year, such as the "Forza Crew" and "Better Dead Than Red" ones, they were never displayed correctly. If you can get 50 guys on the same page, they will be.
**We welcome other groups to grab a paint brush or bring new chant ideas, that we can project to the rest of the section. You can be HSH, LTA, CSU, and still help us paint. If you want to join us fine, but if your in another group and just want to help out that is great too.
**Were looking to hang out at Oldfields, just down the road from Ruby's early in the game day. We wont be there an hour or two before the game because we will be setting up.
**Although were a smaller group, we hope to punch above our weight. We have most of the guys who have created previous displays in the Nordecke (all the displays above were either done by a current member or a current member had a contribution in their making) and we hope to spread that in the Nordecke.
**We will be standing near the stage, there is no organized support in that section. So, we hope to help organize that part of the Nordecke as well.
**Were not an open membership, we don't accept strangers right away. But, if you show us that you have an interest in bringing new ideas to the Nordecke. If you show us that you have an interest in bringing a European atmosphere by helping out once in a while on Tifo's and other things, your in. It's not that hard, just show us your down to be an Ultra -Members vote on new members-
**There are no presidents, etc. Just a collective. Sure there will be those that others look at for advice and as leaders, since they have done more displays and etc. in the past. But, we value all of our members and their ideas equally. We also will have members vote on all big ideas. Further, if we are torn between a couple ideas on displays, members will vote.

To close. Audax at Fidelis- "Bold but Faithful." That is it for now. Any other questions or want to ask about joining,


  1. Doesn't a voting process imply some form of leadership? someone has to initially run the vote and will inadvertently be acknowledged as a leader, so although you have no leaders natural leaders will form. also the fact that you have a website and have some lose forms of organization and visual acknowledgement still imply an organization that was thought by certain members that will be un-official leaders. if you trying to do the "critical mass" of leaderless movement of random people coming together under one idea or motive, you are off.

    Also LARS in LA tries or does this and within them there are un-official leaders although they dont brag over it

  2. so you ordered a Redbull & Vodka? you must be girl. Post your tits.

  3. yeah show us your tits,
    also you copied yuor logo from "ULTRA MALAY" the malaysian national team ultra group, here is the proof

  4. Lol, off to a wonderful start. It is just one of a bunch of preliminary mock ups for fun, it isn't our official logo. We intend to draw up our own by the season. Actually, the first one in the video clip was the main one, and the one up top is just another one I made last night as a mock up from Ultra Malay. Yes, most of the images are mock ups. If any Ultra group has a problem with a mock up for fun, I'll take it down.

    Were going to work on our own logo (if we have one) once we can sit down and all figure it out nearer to the season.

    It's just a small group interested in tifo and others things. So, relax people. Lol, wow.

  5. Unless you have thought of a new way to get new songs started you are just adding to the problem. Another group trying to do their own thing and only their own thing. You aren't going to create anything that hasn't already been tried when you and the others were part of other groups or were independents. Now you are just trying to get yourselves some more facetime. Seems like more personal motive. Sort of like when you only push your own songs that you come up with and not others. Just this offseason you came up with a great song idea only to have found out that it is a song that one group of your supporter section has been doing for a while now.Then because you looked like an idiot you never mentioned it again.

  6. Yawn. Drink beer, cheer on the crew, chant, and who gives a fuck about the rest. Seems a little shallow...

  7. Anonymous 5.. What does this mean?

    Just this offseason you came up with a great song idea only to have found out that it is a song that one group of your supporter section has been doing for a while now. Then because you looked like an idiot you never mentioned it again.

    The only song idea I came up with this offseason was Columbus Crew soldiers, from an Aris chant in Greece.
    Columbus Crew soldiers,
    Fighting wherever we go,
    Stripping you of your honor,
    Taking all your hopes,
    Ohh ohh oh fighting wherever we go
    Ohh ohh oh fighting wherever we go

    No one has ever sang that in the Nordecke yet.

    The only other song chant I came up with in the last year was Columbus Is The Greatest Team the World Has Ever Seen. That's one I pushed this whole last season and finally we got a version together that has been working. Ask anyone on bigsoccer, that was something I came up with.

    I never have put up any other ideas for chants. To be frank no one has really come up with any chant ideas or no new chants have been started this last year, other than Columbus Is The Greatest and We'll Be Coming Down The Road. So I don't have a clue what your talking about. I haven't heard a new chant started in the Nordecke other than those two. And, if I threw up someone elses on here I haven't claimed it as my own. But, I'm pretty sure I didn't. Because there hasn't been any other new chants sung in the Nordecke and if there was I would likely know about it. So, I have no clue what your talking about.

    And, basically the idea for the group in regards to chants is to have everyone in the group on the same page on the chant ideas. Because no group yet, other than La Turbina maybe, has 100% percent of their outfit on board with every new chant that comes out. I got a couple emails for some chant ideas, and I have some other ideas that have been floating around and basically I'm going to post them all on youtube. Then lets say this group gets up to around 50 guys, all on the same page for the new chants, and there all singing in unison. Then those new chants will spread to the rest of the Nordecke.

  8. That's one of the things we hope to achieve with this group. Because some people in it have been trying to start some new chants but it's hard in a sea of 3,000 when only 7 or 8 know a new chant.

    Also, we want to do banners and tifo like crazy in this group. Hence Ultras. No other group in the Nordecke yet is that into the whole banners and tifo thing. Rick(Thoma), the guy that makes all of the banners around the section is in this ultras group. And, after him, (I have made or have collaborated with others)the most on banners and tifo. Just check out the Nordecke tifo, almost 90% percent of the stuff in there is something myself or Thoma either did or was a part of. So, we all hope to bring that to this group. Just all the time tifo. And, then once again to have 50 guys or so that are all on the page for the tifo. Because for a lot of our displays we have 5 or 6 guys that know what is going on trying to direct the whole section to hold something up, and a lot of the banners... Like the Better Dean Than Red and Forza Crew were never displayed correctly. So, basically all that work for nothing.

    But, if we can get 50 guys really into it, that are on the same page for Tifo and Banners and new chants and we can effect the rest of the section. Who then know some new chants and want to makes banners as well that is good for the section.

    And, this group has no interest in creating more problems. Look, I posted this message after being up all night from working on that video, I got no sleep. So maybe I did not explain it that well.

    But this group is a lot of guys like me who have been in some other groups or done their own thing, but have bounced around from group to group and realized that others in other groups are not really as into making banners or starting new chants as some of us are. Or are not willing to spend some money helping on them either. It's fine if some people in other groups are not, it's there lives. But, we want to just make a rapidly improved Nordecke even better by doing these things and helping to spread that.

    And, look I have no interest in face time. Really I just want to make some good stuff and get more people into it as well. Same with the other 7 guys. I'm not the leader. I didn't even come up with the name for the group or had any part in it's formation. The two who came up with the idea asked me to join because they realized I was into making banners and tifo. And, they wanted to do the same. And, then we asked Thoma to join because he is into that as well. And, we want to help build and foster that to others in the section.

  9. I didn't explain it to well in my initial message because I was up all night working on the vid. But, we have no intentions on creating any problems. We want to work with others. I just said the no drama thing, because I knew a lot of people would make a big stink about a new group. But, we have no interest in any tug of war type crap. We are just hoping to be like 50 to 100 members all the way to the left by the stage, where a new group of organized supporters is needed anyways because there are just a bunch of randoms there.

    That is it. We have no interest in being a top three group. Just a Ultras group, because there isn't a real Ultras group yet in the Nordecke. And, everyone in this group so far has made banners, has made the two sticks, has been a vital part of all those displays that are in that video, and want to organize that to a better degree so that the Nordecke is the best at them.

    There are also 10 or so others who have contributed to other tifo projects.. I had nothing to do with the scarf one except for that little banner to the left of the Sigi one behind it, that was all Blake and Kev. We just hope to have a whole group that is into doing that. And, if others from other groups want to join in on some projects, like them, and want to stay in HSH or Crew Union we have no problem with that.

    So, geez, relax a bit people. Hope that helps explain everything a bit better.

  10. Btw, I didn't sleep the night I posted this video, because I was working on it through the night. And, my description of the group was a bit off.

    I posted a better set of points on what we are below the video just now.

  11. Still a stupid idea


  13. Didn't your mother ever tell you, if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all?

    We are a bunch of guys not in a group, who want to organize our own group to bring some better displays to the Nordecke. How horrible.

    And, I posted this on bigsoccer about chants.. We definitely need some new chants. There are parts in the game where no one is chanting or where "we love you" is about to happen for the 14th time. At these times, we want to break in with our 50 to 100 guys chanting a new one in unison. Were going to only do the new ones we know that are good and have a good chance of others in the section liking.

    The problem I have run into the last year, is there will be 5 or 6 people screaming out their lungs trying to introduce Columbus Is The Greatest or We'll Be Coming Down The Road (DD me and some others). And, it took forever to even get those somewhat going. But, if you got 50 to 100 guys singing that new chant in unison, when the other groups are taking a breather. Then those chants will be introduced more effectively.

    And, none of our new chants that we start will have swear words in them.

  14. Ohh, that chant. Lol, that's what your making a stink over? I heard La Turbina do a version of it before and tried to sing it with them, because I stand close to them. But, no one caught on to it because the spanish version, is a lot of spanish words. And, it doesn't flow like "La Soy Le Voy." I was sort of talking about doing an English version in the style of this:

    With the same bouncing around and in English except the Ole and ola's. The whole version above is in German except for the ole and ola's. And, everyone will be able to do my version of that because everyone in the section for the most part understands English.

    That's what your enraged over? Really, lol. I didn't talk about it anymore because I posted the idea. What did you want me to do re-post it again and again. It's the offseason.

  15. C.R.E.W. Sorry excuse for a fuckin crew!

  16. Columbus supporters are a joke. You think you have a great supporter culture? ha, thats funny. Everytime you guys seem to take step forward you take 2 back. You may have grat 'diversity' and lots of groups but doesn't seem like you will ever get along well enough to make anything of it. Keep dreamin and watching the rest of the league supporters pull further away from you!

  17. If the "rest of the league supporters" are so much better then our support in Columbus, why in the hell are you not only checking a Columbus Supporter Blog but commenting on it as well? Who are these other supporters? You just say "rest of the league supporters" without even throwing out a link or a simple example.

    Sure there are some larger groups for some of the other teams and some of them have even done larger displays or seem to be more organized, but by no means are we at the tail end of Supporters Culture in the states, and regardless of inter-supporter squabbles we get shit done and have made some pretty awesome displays in the last two years, with more to come this year.