Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1/19/2010: It's Finally Official, Schelotto Back In The Fold. Now What Do We Do With The DP Spot?

More genuflecting to almighty Guillermo guarenteed in 2010 (Pic by Will Hare).

Some people, like myself, had a pretty good idea Schelotto would be back with the Crew since the middle of December. And others, when the story broke a week ago in the Columbus Dispatch, were pretty confident as well that Schelotto would be signed. Now it's finally 100% percent official. Yes, Rob Stone, Schelotto is 100% percent signed with Columbus, the great one isn't going anywhere.

This re-signing of Schelotto is what you could call a Massive relief for all Crew fans, as the Crew legend will now end his career with the Columbus Crew and not some other unworthy MLS team, like persay the Chicago Fire. So, now that we can put those eye bleaching fears to bed, we can all move onto the 2010 tasks at hand in the Champions League and in MLS.. As, main attacking threat numero uno, Schelotto, will enter into the 2010 MLS season with 78 appearances for the Crew, bringing with him his previous 26 goals and 39 silky assists.

Here are the brief words from Head Coach Robert Warzycha on the Guillermo re-up:
"It was a long process, but we're very happy to be able to re-sign Guillermo for this season," said Crew head coach Robert Warzycha. "He's obviously been a very good player for this team and I'm glad we got him signed in time for the start of preseason camp."

So, what to do with the DP spot that Schelotto no longer occupies? Well, unless Guillermo's base salary is much less then the $335,000 maximum he can be paid, the Crew won't have the room to use the designated player spot. I think that is why the Crew front office dropped Guille's salary so much in the initial offer, because the Crew were hoping to sign Guillermo to a small enough salary where the team could also fit in possibly a DP striker. Thus, it wasn't personal, the Crew were just working on a limited budget to bring in more attacking talent, so they did what any business would do... They asked a high paying employer to take a pay cut for the better good of the company. Schelotto said no thanks, but the Crew finally got him around to picking a middle number.

Since the Crew and Schelotto most likely met somewhere in the middle, will the Crew instead trade their DP spot for a proven goal scoring commodity in MLS? Well, I doubt that there is many proven goal scoring commodities in MLS other than Landon Donovan.. And, the few others out there are probably not worth losing your DP spot for a few years.

What would be fine with me though, but is 99% percent improbable (because it is too genius), is if the Crew traded their DP spot to D.C. United for newly acquired United striker Danny Allsopp. This guy just cashes in goals no matter if it's in England, Australia, or Qatar. This is the kind of player that we need in front of Schelotto. Someone with a little pace, that can snuff goals out, get on the end of passes, and actually finish them! Seriously, what the Crew should do is just start talking to the top goalscorers in all the leagues around the world that are comparable or even maybe a little less so to MLS. Because really all the Crew needs is a pure finisher. It doesn't take a Ronaldo to finish a Schelotto pass when he puts it on your foot. It just takes a little composure and also someone who will just put the damn ball on frame.

I mean look at this Allsopp guy, he would be perfect:

He's the type of striker us fans would like as well. Full of confidence and just goes out there and does the business.

Really Warzycha should have a talk with a Polish player who has played in Poland, Cyprus (sort of underrated league since his side tied Inter Milan in the Champs League), and Greece now for most of his career, but just flat out scores goals, Lukasz Sosin. This guy has scored more goals then most players have caps.

Or maybe even someone like Pawel Abbott who was on a tear in the lower English leagues when I was over there, here's some of his skill. Those are just some Polish examples, I bet you every nationality has a few players like this who can flat out score that could go for cheap, just like Allsopp, to MLS.

The player doesn't have to be a Ronaldo with our midfield, he just needs to be able to finish chances. So, I would bring one or two of these types in for a trial. Because I'm not totally convinced that any of our strikers has what it takes to be an out and out goal scorer. Certainly, none of them have a history of that yet. And, that's what we need.


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