Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1/19/2010: Dutch Lions Secure Three Year Shirt Sponsorship, After A Pair Of Strikers

Former ADO Den Haag striker Geert Den Ouden new target for Dayton Dutch Lions.

Since news is a little slow today on the Crew front, I figured I would take a look at what the new PDL team in Dayton, the Dayton Dutch Lions, have been up to these past few weeks.

**First off, this past week, the Dayton Dutch Lions secured a three year, shirt sponsorship deal with ScoutForAll.Com. ScoutForAll.Com is a rather interesting website where players across the world can send in video clips of themselves playing soccer and in return receive advice from scouts or even managers such as Hull City's Phil Brown.

With this shirt sponsorship deal in mind, I find it rather interesting the sort of connections the Dayton Dutch Lions are making, especially with internet scouting companies. One of their players even runs a similiar website, as Ivar Van Dinteren runs a free transfer website for players. Another player, Johann Wigger, is also working in the team's marketing department. So, it's almost as though DDL FC are looking for players that can not only expand their brand on the field, but off of it as well.

**In on the field acquistion news, the Dayton Dutch Lions are also close to grabbing a pair of former ADO Den Haag strikers, in Geert Den Ouden and Hans van de Haar, neither has yet to fully commit, but offers are on the table and both strikers are likely to make a decision by the end of January. Both strikers have solid previous experience in the Dutch top flight.

Here's a nice goal by Den Ouden two years back for De Graafschap at Feyenoord (goal sequence starts at 3:54):

There's a couple videos of Van De Haar on youtube as well. And, here's also two goals from Dayton Dutch Lions midfielder Julius Wille.

**Also on the Dayton Dutch Lions page you can see a Dutch video that includes the owners and some of the players discussing the new franchise, that can be seen here.

**So what do you think, can the Dutch Lions grab a niche in the Dayton, OH area, with a metro population of 800,000? Or will it be tough for them, since most soccer fans in Dayton usually just drive to Crew games? Or will some fans check out both? Will you catch one of their games?

Either way, with the Crew shaping up to be a champion contender again with the re-signing of Guillermo Barros Schelotto and the addition of the Dayton Dutch Lions, it should be an interesting 2010 in regard to Ohio soccer news.

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  1. im from just south of dayton, i will for sure check out some of these games but i will still use my money to make the trip up to c-bus but it will be nice to go see a more local club play once in a while