Sunday, January 17, 2010

1/17/2010: Maybe The Crew Are Onto Something With Dike

Go to the Notre Dame page and click on the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game, there you can see Bright scoring a hat trick and also talking in an interview. I don't know how bad Michigan is but either way Bright looks really good and should certainly help people sports betting.

After viewing that video I don't know why so many scouts were so down on the kid or the Crew for picking him, especially when the MLS draft is a crapshoot. Also, like I said whether you have a good or bad combine doesn't matter in the long run, that's three days when every player is rusty, it's what you can offer at your peak. And, what I see in this video is lots of pace, a good gear on the first touch (he can go from stop to full sprint quickly), a nice shot, and he seems like a good kid.

Also, his manager at Notre Dame, former Aberdeen goalkeeper Bobby Clark (425 caps), seems like a hell of a coach who has been around. Further, if you look at Bright Dike's resume he went from 2 goals in his first two years to 23 in his final two at Notre Dame. So, if anything he is getting better and better. And, he has that athletic body and reminds me a little bit like a Jozy Altidore in this video. So, I can see why the Crew picked him because he is the opposite of a Alejandro Moreno-type and I can see Warzycha trying to mix up the attack a little bit this year.

Here is another video of Dike at the Combine with a ND teammate, from the MLS Insider blog:

That blog is great by the way. Great idea, shows what can go down when you make your players more accessible.


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