Thursday, January 14, 2010

1/14/2010: Gavin and Bone Were Both Available At #8 and #12

What are your thoughts on the Crew draft? I guess it will be a wait and see. But, Blair Gavin and Corbon Bone at #8 and #12 would have likely of been a safer draft than Dilly Duka and Bright Dike. Duka is a pretty good pick according to the draft analysts, but Dike is a bit of a surprise. I guess we'll see. There is no science to these drafts after like the first 7 or 8.. And, then that's not even always a guarentee.

Another who surprisingly is still on the board is Toni Stahl from UCONN, a player every analyst was high on before the Combine. Further, Andrew Wiedeman, who everyone expected the Crew to go with at #8 a few weeks ago, had a horrible combine and also has dropped to the Second Round. And, no clue why everyone is bypassing on Akpan.

Another thing, I wonder if the teams put too much emphasis on a 3 day combine. I figure a full season would have more worth if you have some trusted contacts in different conferences; as a player can have a bad week, especially when you haven't played a game in two months.


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