Thursday, January 14, 2010

1/14/2010: Crew Pick The Big Guy At #12, Bright Dike

Sort of a surprise pick at #12, but really the Crew can take a shot at #12, especially since there are no other sure things out there.

Bright Dike is 6'1, 223 pounds which has to be the biggest forward in MLS, possibly ever. So, when Dike is on the field, the Crew will likely just tear down the wings and cross it in and hope that Dike can snowplow some goals into the net.

Dike started all 21 games for Notre Dame this season, scoring 12 goals and garnering 29 total points, which lead the Big East in both quotas.

You can watch some of Dike in action here:

Welcome to Columbus, Bright.


  1. Patrick:
    Check out his goals on the Notre Dame website, it's the Notre Dame Vs Michigan, he scores a Hatrick one goal with his left the other two with his right and there is an interview at the end with him

  2. Lol, thanks man. I don't know who Patrick is, but thanks.