Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1/12/2010: Crew News, MLS News, & A Little World News

Rapids to join Impact and Fire with some terrace seating. What are your thoughts?

**What does this mean? From soccer365 Greg Seltzer's Mock Draft:

Chicago Fire

This one is pretty easy, despite the sheer number of positional needs at Toyota Park. The Fire backline you've come to know is mostly either aging or moved on - Wilman Conde needs some help. Not only is Indiana defender Ofori Sarkodie a versatile, forceful defender with experience training in pro camps, but he also grew up in Ohio. Bam! The right player, who should be available at #13 and Crew fans kinda pissed off. Some observers do not rate him quite as highly as I do. Is that because they get to see more of him or because I'm a genius? We shall see.

I don't know how Crew fans could have "pissed off" Ofori or how Seltzer would know about it since he is in Europe and only has his youtube and skype to tell him.. But, the guy who doesn't rate Sarkodie, Buzz Carrick, is a FC Dallas fan. Myself, personally, have a limited clue on who could be a good draft pick for the Crew.. I even mentioned Sarkodie as an option; and, if we do go the Gino Padula understudy route and pick up a Sarkodie I hope he turns out to be a gem.

Then again Buzz Carrick knows more than I do and that's why I interviewed him.

**I guess the MLS is bringing back the terraces, and in the most oddly amusing place ever according to Goff's Soccer Insider:
*Representatives for the Colorado Rapids Supporters Association say that bleachers will be removed from the north end of Dick's Sporting Goods Park and replaced with tiered terraces for the three fan groups.

First off, the Colorado Rapids have three supporters groups?! Since when? Must be five people to a group. Secondly, haven't these people read about Heysel or the problem with terraces in Among the Thugs or Fever Pitch? Who knows if actual terraces are the best for supporters, but their making a sort of renaissance here in America as the Montreal Impact now have terraces for their supporters, so do the Chicago Fire near the bottom of their section, and now the Colorado Rapids.. Who well, really don't have much of a supporters section and is a place on road trips where Nordecke Crew fans get kicked out of for being too loud. Interesting place for some terraces.

In regard to terraces for the Nordecke, I may want some terraces in one respect because everyone in the Nordecke stands and in a celebration I have put gashes in my leg knocking into seats that no one uses anyways. But, on the other hand, standing on the seats sort of makes a buffer where not everyone can get crushed into each other either. So, maybe the best option would be as is. Especially, since the Crew front office is probably 10 audible swear chants away from making the section family seating once again.

**Man, USA's Group C is looking better and better by the day as Group C participant Algeria got spanked 3-0 by African minnows Malawi in the African Nations Cup. The English Premier League usually has to part with their best players during the ANC, so I figure Algeria was playing their A team. Anyways, they look shambolic, especially on defense. Should be fun:


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