Tuesday, January 12, 2010

11/12/2010: Nordecke Crew Supporter Chants- Part 1

Part 1 of 3 or 4 of these I'll do, although I probably only have enough actual audio on my computer for two of them, so I will have to place my audio in for the other two:

After I'm done with all the chants already out there, I'll take some new ideas for 2010 from the readers and whatever I can come up with for some fresh chants for next season. I'll also add some ideas that a lot of people liked but didn't take off exactly in 2009. And, if you have any ideas for a new chant, send it to me, and I'll put it out there in chant form so more people in the section will understand it.

One more thing, if anyone has a good audio clip of Gi-no! Or We'll Be Coming Down The Road! Or Your Not Singing! Send it to me so I can post it up.

I'm making these all for a new chant page that I'll be putting up on Crewture. I figure what better way to get the chants out to everyone then to have them in audio and in word format on one page. Cheers.


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