Sunday, January 10, 2010

1/10/2010: The Latest Weird Mock Draft Version 70

Ives humourously expects the Crew to snatch another Red Bull product with the Crew's twelth pick by selecting Dilly Duka.

Ives has a rather strange latest mock draft here saying the Crew will not land Wiedeman or another forward, in the position that the Crew probably most desperately need. But, will instead select Amobi Okugo, the 18 year old out of UCLA, at numero eight and then also steal away another New York Red Bull product with the 12th pick by selecting Dilly Duka. It's pretty humourous that this is the expectation of Ives who was so adament against New Jersey product Danny Szetela playing in Columbus years back.

What a few mock drafts do, I still think the Crew would be better off with a no frills Andrew Wiedeman and Blair Gaven selection. But, we will see.

What do you think? No Wiedeman now and two midfield picks once again, although the Crew are already deep at midfield. Hmm?


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