Sunday, January 10, 2010

1/10/2010: Guillermo Expresses Interest In Columbus Return To Mitchell As Well

All signs point to Guillermo getting closer and closer to re-signing with the Crew, as according to the Columbus Dispatch, Guillermo will be talking with McCullers tomorrow, hopes to return, and will "fix a new contract" with the Crew.

All signs seem to point that Guillermo slowly but surely has decided that finishing up in Columbus is best for him, I posted this five days back about Guillermo:
I also got an email today from another source who came through on the Emilio deal (even when the Dispatch said Emilio was totally unlikely), who also said Guillermo is getting his green card and attempting to work something out with Columbus, and has been since my other source said. The source also said that it is very likely that Guillermo and the Crew will work something out as Guillermo would greatly prefer playing for the Crew compared to another team in MLS.

So, Guillermo hopes to return to Columbus and also prefers that his final year in MLS be with the Crew. Therefore, it appears that the Crew and Mark McCullers should be able to iron something out with the Argentine Crew legend; And, hopefully the Schelotto deal will be done early this week so that the Crew can put the Schelotto negotiations to bed and start preparing for their important Champions League matchup against Toluca on March 9th.

If the Crew can get the GBS deal done this week, the local weatherman better watch out for a collective wind from all of Crew nation exhaling at once, as it would be great to have GBS back in the fold for one more year.


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