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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9/30/09: Crew Relying Too Much On PK's, Not Enough On Precision

Crew likely not to be smiling come the end of this season, if they don't start finishing their run of play opportunities (Picture via MLSnet).

In the last few weeks, the Crew have relied on a penalty kick to give them a 2-1 win over Houston at home, a penalty kick to give them a 2-2 away tie against Chicago, and the Crew were about to rely on a penalty kick to take them to the CONCACAF Champions League knockout round last night. However, Saprissa showed with a last minute goal, that the Crew would actually have to finish a chance from the run of play to deserve qualification.

During last night's contest, the Crew had a nice ammount of brillant symphony-like movements to the 18 finished off with a worm burner concherto. Most of the Crew have realized their inability with scoring anywhere outside of the six yard box lately (think about it, we either have had a PK or Guillermo's header goal against Chicago from a yard out, or Lenhart and Gaven's goals against LA from 1 and 2 yards out respectively). Therefore, the Crew have a new tactic and that tactic appears to be let's try to get a PK and have our defense kill off the game. Heck, Alejandro Moreno tried to receive the ever-elusive second PK in the second half of last night's contest. Around the 60th minute, Moreno with his back to the defender in the box, made a brillant flick over the defenders head, spun around the defender, and had just the goalie to beat to take the game to 2-0. What did Moreno decide to do? Why fall over like he was a tranquilized rhino. Inches away, the ball begging to be slotted into the net trickled past his head.

I looked on with bemusement at the untouched Moreno. I thought to myself, "man, nice move, but that's a guy who has more confidence in his diving abilities than his scoring abilities." Oyy vey.

And, it's not just Moreno, most of our offense has the same confidence in any shot above 10 yards. Understandable since most of our roster seems to have the leg power of a 6 year old rec league player. Even Renteria has left his cannon in Caracas. And, what about the magnificent looking Ekpo last night. His moves to the eighteen had me literally squealing with delight last night, but once there he runs out of ideas or shoots it at the goalie. Ekpo had a one on one against both the Cruz Azul goalie and the Saprissa goalie, and both times he hit it right to the keeper. Find a corner Manu. Find a corner Manu.

I'm not trying to be hard on Manu, he was my man of the match by far last night. Or the rest of the Crew. I thought Moreno had a solid game(albeit Moreno should actually stay on his feet when he has a chance to score). I'm just saying that the Crew needs to learn soon how to finish opportunities. They are running out of PK luck, seriously you would think refs would begin to be scared to call one for us, as it's about to elicit cries of conspiracy from every soccer fan in MLS.

Bottom line though, the Crew shouldn't be relying on penalty kicks. They have a talented attack. They need to start having some faith in their ability to rip a nice shot precisely. Because the Crew at 92 minutes last night should have been logically up 3-0 or 4-0, that's how much they dominated Saprissa at home. But, they rested on a 1-0 lead and paid for it through a suspect goal.

The thing is, if you put your opponent away. You don't allow the ref or your pushing opponent dictate the result. The Crew and their fans have nothing to complain about. Good teams finish their chances and the Crew are not finishing them at the moment. Either they start finishing them. Or it will bite them in the ass both in Puerto Rico and in the playoffs.

In regards to CONCACAF qualifying, Saprissa is going to win at Saprissa, because Cruz Azul will likely bring their D team. The Crew will likely have to have a performance of a lifetime to get a tie at Puerto Rico. But, hey the Crew put themselves in this tough spot. We'll see if they get themselves out of it.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9/29/09: A Great Story On Ex-Buckeye Steven Lenhart

Just pure quality from the OSU Lantern staff, interviews a guy but can't seem to remember what the heck he looks like:

One can see how The Lantern made the mistake since Brunner(top) & Lenhart (bottom) look exactly alike:

Just because I like to waste time. I ran this through a must before any long term commitment:

Monday, September 28, 2009

9/29/09: Apparently Toronto Has A Rich History of Hooliganism

I ran across this when checking out some news about flares at the Chicago-Toronto game:

No that's not a scene from Cass(despite the Pennant's, zing), it's Toronto Blizzard fans disrupting a NASL trophy ceremony for the Chicago Sting at their stadium in 1984.

This picture and description of the events come from Toronto blog, A More Splendid Life:
"Like the Visigoths sacking Rome, Toronto’s barricade-breaking fans probably weren’t aware their violence would herald the end of an empire. Following their second game, best-of-three series 3-2 loss to the Chicago Sting on October 3rd, 1984, pitch-invading Toronto Blizzard fans caused so much disruption at Varsity Stadium that the trophy presentation was forced into the Sting's dressing room. Six months later, the North American Soccer League would collapse under the weight of its easy-come, easy-go expansion teams. America's great soccer experiment had finished in the same chaos from which it began."

Now finally we have a reason for how they act on opening day at Crew Stadium. Breaking things whether barricades, seats, or support rails are just in their blood. Oy, oy, oy.

Well, at least we won't see them in the playoffs at CCS, they can't tie their way there.

9/29/09: The Good Stuff- Quoteables & Crew News

Lenhart a Bash Brother with Garey. A Luchadore brother with Renteria (Pic by Sameh Fahmi.)

**With DC's 2-1 loss to San Jose, The Crew clinched a birth to the playoffs(great when we can shrug at that) and are 3 points ahead of Houston for the Supporters Shield.

**The Crew's unbeaten streak in MLS is 24 games after beating Los Angeles. The Crew's overall home unbeaten streak is 1 after losing to Cruz Azul last Wednesday. The loss at home was an odd feeling for most Crew fans.

**The Crew may have conquered most of MLS and Costa Rica, but have some tactical work to do to figure a way past Mexican sides in the quarterfinals, assuming the best and that the Crew get there tomorrow.

**Is it just me or even with Renteria's Calvin Klein-esque pictures online, he seems a tad shy (maybe it's because he is still learning English). Good on Lenhart and the other guys to recognize him on his assist on Lenhart's goal and to bring him over to the section. Real teammates act that way, even though they may be sharing time with the new guy. Good on them.

**Crew have used New England as an example on how not to approach the Champions League, according to Merz:
"We played New England last year when they had a similar stretch. You can tell, when we beat them 4-0, they were gassed at the end of the game," O'Rourke said. "We have to sustain a level more than raise it. We knew after winning (the MLS Cup) last year we were going to be in the Champions League. We knew it was going to be tough game after tough game.

"We can always go out there and use it as an excuse but we have the locker room that doesn't do that."

**Warzycha communicating well with the players, according to Merz:
"Anytime the boss gives you a heads-up like that it makes you feel good. Knowing that the line of communication is there is a good thing," said midfielder Brian Carroll after sitting last week's Champions League loss to Cruz Azul. "He's made it clear we're trying to accomplish two goals -- win the league and advance to the next round. For that we need everybody. He's made that clear and done that. It's worked so far."

**Renteria on his parternship with Lenhart on Saturday, from Mitchell:
“We’re both Luchadores. We’re both fighters. We love to get the ball and play.”

And Lenhart on his goal celebration:
“I don’t have enough energy to breakdance or headspin. Whatever.”

**I should have mentioned Renteria and Burns as "guys who can step up at anytime," I may wake up tongue-less tomorrow, from Mitchell:
Don’t call players such as Emilio Renteria or Kevin Burns “reserves.”

Coach Robert Warzycha will have your tongue.

“We don’t have reserves,” he said. “We have 23 players right now that can step up anytime.”

**To wrap things up, a picture of a Saprissa female fan:

Wow. wow. wow. Sign me up for that next road trip to Estadio Saprissa.

9/29/09: Doesn't Referee Review Sound A Bit Pretentious?

Especially when we get the calls, :-)-

On Padula's foul on Blanco:
This video clip provides an example of a tackle that should result in a red card for serious foul play. A key to making the red card determination is the distance from which the tackle is initiated. Image 1 provides a still shot of the distance (four to five yards) from which the defender initiates the tackle. Distance leads to increased or excessive force and the inability for the defender to control his challenge. Come on it's Blanco.

Both Images 2 and 3 provide a clear view of the location of the ball relative to the challenger’s leading foot at the time of contact. It is clear that the ball is not within playing distance. Unless your Gino! Both the position of the ball and the attacker (at the time of the tackle) make a fair challenge, committed with speed, nearly impossible as there is no opportunity to play the ball without going through the opponent. Unless your Gino! Tacklers have the responsibility to time their tackles in a manner that gives them the opportunity to play the ball without injuring the opponent. Unless your Gino!

As you view the clip, watch the body language of the tackler as he “pursues” the opponent with the ball. It is aggressive and seemingly has a sole goal: send a message to the opponent. What, really? Pfft. Messages involving excessive force must result in a red card.
The clip shows the referee immediately pulling out his yellow card as he sprints to the scene. In critical decisions like this, it is best that the referee use the time to arrive at the foul, to consider his options and play the tackle back in his mind. Like the Dynamo PK. This extra time or pause gives the match official the opportunity to consider the criteria and to replay the action in his mind prior to committing to a decision.

Ok, okay. It was most likely a red card but at least the referee's are playing make up for all the bad decisions against the Crew for the first twenty-five weeks of the season. And, really when you dive a ton like Blanco, sometimes you just can't tell. You know?

9/28/09: 55 Degree Weather Cold For Saprissa. Saprissa Still Confident Of Victory

It's supposed to be 55 degrees at kick off tomorrow at 8 p.m. and apparently Saprissa's Costa Rican media considers that winter:

Despite losing with starters at home against Columbus reserves 1-0 two weeks back. Apparently Saprissa Head Coach Jeaustin Campos is confident that victory will be theirs tomorrow and they will magically jump ahead of the Crew, even though the Crew don't lose at home too easily either. Saprissa lost on the weekend 3-0 against rival Alajuenlenese, apparently focusing just on this game.

Campos said:
"It will be a crucial game, I think is the most important of the last semester, we rely on the ability of the team that we have on Tuesday going to go with everything for the victory and we know that we are clear that the boys have already changed the disk and are themselves this game," said Jeaustin Campos.

The game against Columbus promises to be very complicated, but Saprissa has the ability to win and take second in the group to qualify for the next round, victory is essential to continue dreaming of the World Club Cup.

Keep dreaming the Crew are coming in with all starters for this one and should wrap up second place in the balmy weather on their home field. It's essential for the Crew to do so.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

9/28/09: Is Warzycha A Tactical Genius? A Resume, A Grit, And A September Schedule Says It All

There is no man more Columbus Crew than Robert Warzycha. And, the guy can flat out coach. 3-1-1 in 13 days against some of MLS's and Concacaf's top talent. One can only hope that he stays the Crew's head coach for a long while. From a Mitchell 2007 article on the Warzycha family, "The way Columbus reached out to them was wonderful, and they're giving back now." No doubt about that for Robert.

Sometimes a resume should speak for itself. Robert Warzycha has played in Poland, Hungary, and in England with Everton. In England with Everton he was considered by life long Everton man Gordon Watson as, "among the most talented wide-men to have played for [Everton] in the post-war years." Gordon, by post war means World War II! Watson was an Everton player for 15 years from 1933 to 1948, who was forced into retirement after a game against Burnley in 1948, and stayed at the club until his death in 2001 as a barmaid, steward, and stadium guide. A guy whose closest ascent to the top of the front office ladder was stadium guide has no reason to fib. Further, with just 68 even years of service with one club, he should know. Warzycha made a non-overwhelming yet solid 82 appearances(26 as a sub) for Everton over three years netting 6 goals. Either way, a lot about Robert's play impressed Mr. Watson during Robert's 58 to 61st years at Mr. Watson's club.

Robert Warzycha also played forty-seven times for Poland, including this qualifier against Holland in 1994, scoring seven goals. Warzycha then took his game across the ocean to the Columbus Crew, where from 1996-2002 he appeared in 160 leagues games, still holding the assist record for the Crew with 61. After his last game in 2002, Warzycha became the Crew's assistant coach until 2005 where he took over as interim head coach leading a questionably talented assembly of Crew players (with an offense led by names- that would probably give 75% percent of those in the Nordecke today blank stares- such as Eric Vasquez, Jamal Sutton, and Knox Cameron) to a winning record the second half of the season. Warzycha made a 4-10-2 Andrulis team and made them 7-6-3 the rest of the way, including an impressive 4-4-2 mark on the road. Despite this, in the 2006 season, Robert was surpassed for the head coaching job in favor of German-American coaching legend Sigi Schmid. Even though Warzycha's resume deserved a chance, Robert did not waiver, going back to his spot as an assistant coach. Warzycha, always unselfish and willing to do what he thought was best at the time for the organization, even said to Mitchell, "I would not have been able to argue if Sigi was hired. I told (general manager Mark McCullers): 'Look at his resume. Look what he's done.' I was happy to see him come here." Warzycha learned(although he already knew plenty) under an excellent coach in Sigi, won a championship ring coaching with him in 2008, became head coach this year, and celebrates his fourteenth year with the Crew. This type of dedication, service, and desire for stability with one team seems to run in the family. His brother Krzysztof Warzycha, now technical director with Arsenal FC's Greek academies, was a scoring legend with Greek club Panathinaikos with an outrageous 273 goals in 390 appearances in 15 years. Robert Warzycha has been with the Crew for 15 years, his brother with Panathinaikos for 14 years. A kind of work ethic that probably endears him quite profoundly with his best offensive player, at the moment, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, who said recently about work, "every job is worthy of an effort and that effort has to be done whether or not you are doing what you like. It is important to be able to maintain yourself in the endorsement of your work." Sometimes you don't like being the assistant when you think you should be the head coach, or you don't like sitting on the bench when you're a legend of Boca Juniors for the last 11 years. But, you keep working, you keep your head down, and eventually good things happen.

There is a quality in people such as Mr. Watson, the Warzycha brothers, GBS, Frankie Hejduk, Duncan Oughton and others like them. A knowing. And, just overall dedication and attitude. They deserve recognition but they don't want it. Also, when the time gets tough, tough people like them don't get going, but rather dig their heels in. This is probably what helped Warzycha keep his wits about him in May without a win in seven games. With Warzycha staring at his refrigerator in the middle of the night and imploring god or Ben & Jerry for an answer. No answers were coming and he had to make a decision. Do I spiral down and make worse decisions or have faith in my decisions and that they will prevail in the end. We all have had those testing times and Warzycha has passed the test a 100 times over, including this time.

So, Warzycha's chain of defeats early in the season could have led to brash decisions and shake ups that could have led to ripples in the team, but Warzycha had faith in his players. Warzycha had faith that his attacking, his risks, his belief in players like Lenhart, Burns, and Oughton at different times would pay off, and it has. Warzycha hasn't hesitated in September from calling up his reserves and part-time starters, as a necessity to give his main starters a rest. Almost every player has played a role this season and Warzycha called it last January, "That bench is the reason we won [in 2008]. But those guys at No. 20, 21, 22 -- they're going to have to get better because they're going to be called upon. I have no problem with national team stuff. Some coaches get upset -- 'they're taking all my players.' I want them to take my players because it shows we are doing well." This season every player on Warzycha's roster has played. Most at least a game except Elenio and Emilio so far, others have played at least 3 or 4 if not more. Almost no one on that team can feel unimportant or not a part of it. Warzycha's emphasis on team, risks, and attacking soccer, has paid off since May 9th, the Crew are 14-5-4 overall in all competitions.

With Warzycha getting more risky/confident by the game(playing Burns, Oughton, Renteria, and Lenhart against LA- something Sigi probably wouldn't have done under the circumstances) and the team becoming his instead of Sigi's more by the day. I can say that no one really compares Warzycha to Sigi anymore these days, at the beginning of the season everyone was thinking how does this compare to what Sigi did? Not anymore. Warzycha has proved that he is his own man when it comes to coaching and he has proved to be one hell of a coach, especially this September. Just look at this schedule:

Against the best possible schedule against North American competition as well as Major League Soccer competition, in five games in thirteen days, Warzycha has 3 wins, 1 tie, and 1 loss. The only loss coming against Mexican powerhouse Cruz Azul. With one of the wins coming against Saprissa at their place, with a ragtag lineup of Crew starters and reserves. That win was the first of any MLS team at Saprissa (even the national team hasn't won there yet).

On Tuesday, since Warzycha rested Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Robbie Rogers, Gino Padula, and Alejandro Moreno against Los Angeles, the Crew should be able to field a competitive lineup tomorrow against Saprissa with the chance to put away that competition and qualify in second place in the group behind Cruz Azul.

Warzycha's win and tactics against LA were like a painter closing his eyes and stroking out a beautiful country meadow painting. The front office couldn't ask for more in front of 20,996 fans. With two more games left during this wild stretch, I wouldn't bet against Warzycha and company winning out against Saprissa and Seattle at home.

If they do they would be 5-1-1 against the best that MLS and CONCACAF has to offer in a literally insane 7 games in 20 days. Now, with two left, one has to like the chances. And, Warzycha (even though their on good terms) must be licking his chops at a chance against Sigi during this run's finale.

Warzycha's performance this month (and really since May) has to be cranking the necks of all in MLS. The man deserves respect for this run. He knows how to manage. We doubted him in the beginning. But, all we needed to do was some research to realize that Warzycha is someone who has seen a lot in the world of soccer and who has done a lot. A man with confidence in his ability. A man that will stick to his guns even though every result is showing that he may be wrong.

The team turned around and started buying into Warzycha's system. There isn't a better man to lead the Crew for a long, long time. If guys like Warzycha and McCullers and Bliss stay around for a long while the Crew will be in very good hands. Warzycha deserves coach of the year honors for balancing the Sigi shadow with the expectations for this team while making it his own team. He deserves it for winning at Saprissa. He deserves it for even having a .500 mark with this insane run in September. He deserves it for looking very likely to repeat as Supporters Shield winners. He is one hell of a coach.

And, who knows maybe Warzycha will have Mr. Watson's longeivity at Columbus? And, maybe Guillermo, Duncan, and Frankie will be barking orders as his assistants? One can only hope right? Were lucky as fans and as an organization to have men like this. Go Crew!

9/27/09: Studio79's Crew vs. LA Pictures

These great pictures from Sam Fahmi, more pictures here:

Lenhart dancing in the net after goal number two:

My new background, excellent picture:

Friday, September 25, 2009

9/25/09: No Beckham Tomorrow, LA Still A Tough Obstacle

The Crew fans saw Beckham for the first and last time last Summer. No Becks tomorrow (Pic by: Sam Fahmi).
According to Craig Merz and multiple other sources, Beckham (the mega-millionaire, underwear model and part time LA Galaxy player) will miss tomorrow's game for the second time in his team's three visits to Columbus since Beckham joined MLS.

Not sure if Shawn Mitchell and other Crew reporters should have let the cat out of the bag because I'm sure some first time ticket buyers will sadly not show up now.

I also wonder if the Crew front office let the news out when selling only standing-room tickets today, which are all that remains for Saturday's match dubbed "Black out the Galaxy". As for tomorrow's game fans are encouraged to wear black. Alejandro Moreno joked, "we're wearing yellow (uniforms). I don't understand it."

Also, despite Beckham's great form last week against Toronto FC, LA Galaxy Coach Bruce Arena is not concerned:
"He's missed about 18-20 games for us this year so it's not the end of the world. This is all part of it. Teams miss players throughout the season whether it's injuries or suspensions or other reasons. We've learned to play a lot of games without him and we're going to learn to play another one without him."

So, who will be concerned? Teenage girls, single women hoping to run into Beckham at Spice Bar, and Beckham fanboys that really don't like soccer but like big names.

For the fans in the Nordecke. Beckham or no Beckham? No problem. There was nothing too special about him the last time he visited anyways.

9/25/09: Crewture CCTV From The Cruz Azul Game

9/25/09: The Future Is Bright

If we all teach our future kids this way, Columbus will be the greatest team the world has ever seen. Only can hope to have a son some day. Great stuff:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

9/24/09: Not Their Night Is The Best Way To Summarize The Crew's Cruz Azul Defeat

Sometimes it's just not your night... Crew just need to shake it off, qualify by beating Saprissa next week, and find a way to deal with Mexican teams in the knockout round (Pic on right by Sam Fahmi)

Sometimes it's not your night no matter how hard you try. Doesn't matter if you're playing footie, trying to pick up some hottie, or trying to put together a badass tifo.

Here's a personal example.

Yesterday at 2:45 p.m. I was blow drying (with my mom's hair dryer) the 10 two sticks I made Tuesday night(a depiction of Elmer Fudd in the middle as a huge two stick, then 8 two sticks of rabbits perishing in different ways- their cartoon depictions vegetarians and peta lovers- Azul's mascot is a rabbit, and two bullseye two sticks). The project was quite last second and spur of the moment as I put them together from 1 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. Tuesday night. Then I whoke up, figuring the two sticks would be dry and spent Wednesday until 2:30 p.m. working on my Master's research project. At 2:45 I figured I would go check out the two sticks and came to find that none were dry and I had a problem. And, at 3:00 p.m. I was frantically rubbing the wet paint in with the dry with my hands, trying to do anything to have the paint dry. Finally, it was good enough and I affixed all the banners at 3:30 p.m. til 4:15, hurried to my car, and drove 3 and a half hours at 80 miles per hour to make the game. I was outside the stadium at 7:40, ran into the Lowe's next door at 7:45, bought two big pvc pipes for the Elmer Fudd huge two stick and then adhered that together in the Lowe's parking lot. Then I carried it all into Crew Stadium at 7:59.

All that work (trust me try to make 10 two sticks and one huge one in half a day) and not so much in return in terms of display, as everyone in the Nordecke was rightfully miffed after thirty minutes being down 2-0. I only lifted the Elmer Fudd one while getting help from probably 3 or 4 others. So, about half of the dang things were not even displayed.

I guess, on those ones that weren't even raised, I might have been better off flushing my money down my toilet as it would have saved me the effort, lol.

In comparison, The Columbus Crew threw the kitchen sink against Cruz Azul playing with only three defenders. The Crew hit the post three times, meaning if their shots would have been a foot lower, a foot to the right, or a foot to the left the Crew would be walking away with a 3-2 win. Instead, Cruz Azul made the three back formation pay, finishing their two and only two solid opportunities. Even after that, the whole Crew team worked their tails off especially Moreno, Rogers, Schelotto, Burns, and Renteria late in the game. The Crew outshot Cruz Azul 22-13 in the game. But it just wasn't going to happen no matter what.

And, it's fine. Cruz Azul has and deserves first place. Columbus who beat Saprissa at their Monster's Cave last week, will have a good chance of beating them at home next week to clinch second place in the group. Saprissa(now with four points) tied Puerto Rico (now with two points) 1-1 on Tuesday night, lColumbus has six points with two games remaining. The top two teams qualify.

Once the Crew likely qualifies next week, then the Crew can work on how to deal with Cruz Azul and other Mexican opponents in the later rounds. I have a feeling Columbus will figure it out sooner or later. The main objective with group play is getting out of your group. The Crew would receive no major advantage or golden token for finishing first.

Every team that makes it out of their group is going to be difficult, so first or second isn't really going to matter come the end of the knockout round.

HIGHLIGHTS (If you were not in the Nordecke yesterday):

9/24/09: Beckham May Miss Saturday's Crew Game. Women Across The State of Ohio Pray For A Miracle

The front office should encourage fans to wear black all the time, not because Danny O'Rourke is emo but because the look of the crowd that way is boss, oh yeah Beckham is injured too (Picture by Sam Fahmi).

According to Grahame Jones at the Los Angeles Times, David Beckham may be out of the lineup this weekend against the Crew with Achilles tendon issues. Unlike most fair weathered Columbus residents, who will be making that one time trek to Crew Stadium on Saturday to see their metrosexual demigod Beckham(yes I'm talking about any dude wearing a Galaxy jersey at Crew Stadium, you're secretly a wee bit gay), I see this as a good thing because Beckham was on fire last week for the Galaxy against Toronto FC getting a goal and an assist. Having him off the field gives the Crew a better chance to pick up points in a congested schedule. And, honestly that's all I care about.

On the other hand, Beckham just backed out of buying an ownership stake in Montreal's 2011 MLS franchise. So, since Beckham is going to own a MLS team quite likely in 2011 and the Hunts may be shopping, it would be a wasted opportunity to woo Beckham with Columbus's charm of beer cups and batteries. Beckham is an East End London type, his mum is a hairdresser and his dad is a kitchen fitter. Deep down I would assume he is slightly more charmed with a less upper crust fan base, ahem Nordecke, than a bunch of beltway businessmen masquerading as supporters such as LA or elsewhere.

If I got to whack-a-mole with any franchise, I would consider the fan base and the quality of the fan into the process as well. But, hey that's just me.

Anyways, here's the excerpt from Grahame Jones:
David Beckham did not travel with the Galaxy when it left for Columbus today and is likely to miss Saturday afternoon's game against the Crew in Ohio.

A spokesman for the English midfielder said Beckham had taken "a knock on his Achilles" tendon and was receiving treatment for the injury, which he described as minor.

The player will be evaluated on Friday, the spokesman said, after which a decision will be made on whether Beckham will fly to join the team in Columbus.

The midfielder turned in the best performance of his Major League Soccer career last Saturday, scoring one goal and creating the other in a 2-0 victory over Toronto FC in Carson.
The Galaxy has declined comment. Coach Bruce Arena will address the matter in Columbus on Friday, a team spokesman said.

Beckham made only a token appearance when the Galaxy took part in a bowling event on Tuesday evening and has not trained fully with the team this week.

He is not listed on the MLS injury list, but that list will be updated Friday ahead of the weekend's games.

9/24/09: Toronto Slated For 2010 Home Opener Again. The Question Is Will TFC Fans Man Up And Come?

Security Beef Up: From 2,500 to 1,500 to 40 away supporters(pictured above in July's Trillum Cup Decider), the question is whether TFC fans are scared or will actually show up next year.

Late last March 1,500 Toronto FC fans saddled up for another roadtrip to Columbus. During that game, some of the Toronto contingent threw newspapers, smoke bombs, and trash while busting seats and throwing railings. Then after the game, some of Toronto's fans stuck around and tried to incite Crew fans. This inciting led to near punch ups, before Columbus Police rolled in and did a full scale macing of both sets of fans and arrested some TFC fans outside the gates of the stadium.

In usual fashion of our rivals(both Chicago and Toronto) the TFC fans felt hard done by their treatment and decided to boycott (in this case, their return to Columbus in July). The July game just happened to be the decider for the Trillum Cup and was one of the best games of the year, far more entertaining than the March opener. Nevertheless, Toronto FC only had about 40 or so fans show up. Thus, over the last three games between Columbus and Toronto at Columbus the away contigent has dwindled from 2,500 to 1,500 to 40.

The much larger contigent of about 3,000 in the Nordecke carried the atmosophere and buoyed their team to won hell of a victory, a 3-2 win off of a goal in the dying seconds by Garey, it was a lovely way to beat a rival.

According to Mitchell and Sportsnet.CA the saga continues this year with the Crew's home opener being scheduled against Toronto for the third consecutive year. It appears despite all of the troubles and run-ins with fans, that MLS still wants this rivalry even though it doesn't usually end up being the best of press.

Anyways, from 1,500 to 40. The question now is how many will show up this next year? Do TFC fans really expect better treatment next year when they act like fools in our stadium? When will Toronto just worry about the game and stop boycotting based on their feelings (their fans definitely could have been a help in the Trillum Cup decider if they were not all scared)? All these questions remain to be answered.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9/22/09: Crewture Video Coverage of Chicago Away Trip 9/20 Part 1

More of Sam Fahmi's pictures from Chicago are up on Studio79, check it out.

This is a half crappy video I made of the Chicago trip, these will improve with time, I think. Anyways, there are still amusing parts on this, so check it out:

Part 2:

Monterrey sucks:

9/22/09: Studio79's Pictures From Chicago Away Trip

More pictures can be found at Studio 79, these pictures are snapped by Sam Fahmi. By the way, I'll have my video up from the Chicago trip soon, it's 16 minutes long:

Also, I wanted to apoligize for my inactiveness on here over the last few days, I have been either in Chicago or catching up on homework this Monday. I'll be updating the website at times today as I try to finish another homework assignment before Cruz Azul. Cheers and fight the good fight.