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Friday, July 31, 2009

8/1/09: How Can We Keep Up With This Creativity?

So, the Nordecke might not consist totally of real ultras and most of us may not be very hooligan by English standards and we might not even have the sharpest wit 24/7. :-) But, geez, at least we are not this sad.

Seriously, why anyone would waste film on this nerd convention is beyond me. It's like 35 Pumba's in one room, at least we only have one of those. If I was them I would keep this nerdom under raps instead of posting it on youtube for all footie fans to see, LOL. But, thanks... Jesus, they make it too easy.

Too much good stuff for the next TFC video Crewture puts out.

These two last dated the same fat girl in the 6th grade.

This is the most attention this guy gets in his whole life.

You could probably count on one hand the ammount of girls this room of 50 or so guys has racked up in the last decade.

What no video reaction around the 92nd minute. Aww, well that's sad.

Anyways, here's a chant remedy:
"Build a bonfire! Build a bonfire!"
Put Chicago on the top!
Put Toronto in the middle!
And we'll burn the whole f**king lot! F**king lot!"

Would be doing the world a huge favor.

7/31/09: Infiltrator

So, what's this kitten's deal?

A. Does the kitten work for MLS-Rumors
B. Is the kitten a TFC fan
C. Does the kitten hate technology
D. Is the kitten just trying to figure out what's going on with Emilio Renteria
E. Does the kitten just want to be a hooligan
F. Is the kitten lobbying for a cat themed tifo
G. Is the kitten an attention whore

If it's another choice, comment.

7/31/09: Crew Game 20 Preview- A Very 2008-Esque Crew To Begin A Run In High Altitude Colorado Translating Into Steamrolling Again By August 15th

Stat description: Before the Crew's August run in 2008 and 2009.

On July 27th 2008, the Columbus Crew traveled to Colorado hungry for a change of fortunes. The Crew's only previous win in the whole month of July was a pointless 2-1 victory against Argentine powers Independiente and their troll raged fans (Here's a quick trivia from 2008: What fan group left the most hate filled comments after a Crewfighter wind up post? A. Toronto B. West Ham C. Chicago or D. Independiente. If you guessed Independiente, I'm bloody impressed with your Crewture knowledge, if I had a Crewture rewards system I would give you some Crewture points & flier miles.)

Rant aside, the Crew prompted an impressive August turnaround in oxygen deprived Colorado in the dying days of July 2008, this turnaround starts five days prior to when the Massive look primed to go on a similiar run in 2009. The 2008 Crew were 8-5-4(28 points) in 17 matches going into Colorado. Considering that the Crew in 2008 would win their next game against Colorado and follow that result up by getting totally outplayed in Houston by Ching & company the following week, this statistically means that in their first 19 matches in 2008 the Crew were (9-6-4) with 31 points and in third place behind New England and Chicago.

Fast forward to August 1, 2009, the Crew are (7-3-9) in 19 games with 30 points. Therefore, the Crew have three less losses, five more ties, and one less point than they had through the same ammount of matches, this time last year. Also, they have recaptured first place quicker than they did in 2008, as the Crew regained the top spot at the end of August. Not too shabby for a criminal start.

Further, despite the one less point. The three total losses halfway through the 2009 campaign instead of the six in 2008 and the five more ties this year infers that the 2009 Crew are actually harder to beat, especially at home. And, as Warzycha has said the best is yet to come, especially with reinforcements on the horizon and the similiarities between this year and last year.

As the Crew hit their solid but not mindblowing 31 and 30 points respectively in 19 matches in 2008 & 2009 by different routes. 2008 started out with a bang with 6 wins and 1 loss, 18 points in 7 games; while 2009 started out with a whimper with just 5 points in the Crew's first 7 games. But, somehow someway the Crew climbed back into the driver's seat going (7-1-4) since then, grabbing 25 points in 12 games.

Now the Crew are primed to turn it up another notch, and amazingly, after the torrid start, have a real chance at another Supporters Shield as well. So when did the Crew turn it up a notch in 2008 and when will they in 2009?

Despite most people circling the obvious August 16th win against FC Dallas propelling a (11-1-3) run for the Crew to become MLS Champions. I believe that the confidence was regained and the Crew started rolling like a Ferrari in 2008 with the way the bench played on the road in Colorado, which is always a tough place to play. The Bash Brothers got their start this game as Lenhart and Garey both played their roles. Lenhart scored first, got a red card around the 25th minute, the Crew held on to a 1-0 lead with 10 men, and then Garey capped it off with a wonder goal to give the Crew the 2-0 surprise win on the road.

Pic caption: With Lenhart and Garey's success in Colorado last year and their 5 goals combined in the last two games, now isn't probably the time yet for Moreno.

Anyways, what is that favorite saying? History repeats itself?

Well, the Crew play Colorado again this year at the same time(let's say they win 2-0 again, again off of Lenhart and Garey goals), then they have a let down against San Jose(the other Houston Dynamo), and then they play FC Dallas again on August 15th instead of August 16th(win that game to jumpstart a (7-1-1) final run through the last 9 games. The Crew get healthy, they pick up a player like Renteria, they get their depth back with guys like Moffat and Ekpo, etc. contributing. The bench shows themselves capable as well with Oughton and Burns. The Crew make another run in the league and for the Supporters Shield. And, compete well enough in CONCACAF Champions League group stages to qualify because of their newfound depth.

For a stressful start, everything is rounding out perfectly for Robert Warzycha, who's starting to leave a more offensive imprint with the team.

Prediction: 2-0, Lenhart and Garey, history repeats itself. Except in the end, Warzycha's Crew might actually end up better by building on Schmid's progress.

7/31/09: Late Edition! 7/25 Crew v. TFC Player Ratings

by JB the First

Massive photo credit to Jim Early

As part of a new Crewture feature, I'll be collecting player ratings from Crew fans around the world and averaging them to get one, true, mathematically infallible People's Rating for each player. In the future, this feature will be published at a much more relevant time, assuming the ratings are posted in an expedient fashion. Below are the official People's Rating for each player's performance last weekend against Toronto:

-------------------------Hesmer (7)---------------------------

Hejduk (6.84)----Brunner (6.41)----Iro (4)----Padula (6.16)

------------------O'Rourke (7.69)----Carroll (5.97)----------------

Oughton (5.38)---------------------------------------Gaven (6)

-----------Lenhart (7.31)----Garey (6.94)-----------------


Ekpo (7.06)

Moffat (5.69)

If you disagree, too bad. You can't argue with math.

With only one game, it's hard to generate too many sciencey-looking graphs, but here's a graphical breakdown of last Saturday's ratings:

If you view the graph like you would the field, with Hesmer on the left, you can see that as a whole, The People would have liked to see a little more out of the midfield, with the exception of Danny O'Rourke, who earns the title of being the first ever People's Man of the Match. Congratulations to Danny.

And finally, The People's Comment of the Match, the best comment accompanying player ratings that I have received:
"Ekpo: Spark. Speed. Run. Good"
-mmradio13 of BigSoccer
Stay tuned for more of The People's Ratings shortly following every Crew game.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

7/30/09: Smitty's Smartass Preview - Colorado away

You never quite get used to the names of some people or places. For instance, I've never been able to take Pat Benatar seriously, mainly because I think her name sounds like something you do to soothe a mythical creature. "Asympolix, did you make sure to pat the Benatar on the head before you smote him with your sword of intolerance?" Similarly, Albuquerque never makes me think "nice summer getaway", but instead, "a cross between a barbeque and a DMV, but minus the food."

My point is, names are important, especially if you want to be taken seriously. Beckham sounds like the Big Ben eating black pudding, it's so British. Guillermo and Gino sound like soccer-playing Argentines (or even better, Italian Argentines!). And you can't get any more "All-American Boy" than Robbie, Chad, Brian, Danny, Eddie, and Frankie. It's like the Lil' Rascals bought a couple of onion sacks. Point is, your name says a lot about who you are, where you're from, and most of all, what you are on the inside.

And on that note, I would like to turn our focus to a game where a bunch of fans will be sitting in a park called Dick's Sporting Goods Park.


GAME 19: At Colorado

Yeah, get the kids to hold this sign...

What You Need to Know: The Rapids are once again a mid-table team in the inferior conference. Connor Casey, who is on 8 goals in 13 games, just played 90 minutes in Salt Lake City in the MLS All-Star Game. Admirable, much in the way you'd "admire" a guy who dressed as Chewbacca for ComiCon. Sure, it took a lot of dedication and hard work to get there, but doesn't really add up to much in the grand scheme of things.

New Additions: The signing of Scottish midfielder Jamie Smith pushed fan favorite Terry Cooke out the door. The Rapids strategy here: piss off the home fans a little more, as they've clearly enjoyed too much wild success in Denver these last few years...

Chance of Making the Playoffs: About the same as you getting cash for your clunker.

Topical Insult of the Week: This week's insult comes from well...Rapids midfielder Pablo Mastroeni:

He's not insulting Colorado, just everyone's eyes who looks at this picture. Eye bleach cannot undo what has been done.

- Crew Notes

- The Bash Brothers have 5 goals in 2 games, but will they continue to light it up this week? Or will Alejandro Moreno get to step back on the field, rested and ready? Here's hoping the Crew go with 3 forwards, 4 midfielders, and the 3 best defenders in the league: Marshall, Frankie, and Gino. (Sane people, please post in the comments...)

- Look for Adam Moffat to be eased back into the Crew lineup. Some felt Coach Robert Warzycha included him in the lineup a bit too early in April, which may have contributed to his setback of a hamstring injury. Word from camp is that Moffat is feeling fine after going 17 minutes with the first team on Saturday's 3-2 win over Toronto, and has been training this week. But with Champions League looming for the Crew in August/September/October, Crew fans should get to see plenty of the Scottish midfielder in the coming weeks.

- Finally, a big kudos to all who are DRIVING to Colorado this week. That's a long plane ride, let alone being stuck in a car for 20+ hours. Good on ya, Crew roadies.

Game preview is here.

Prediction: Which forward will score? If it's only one of them, I would have to guess Garey. Also, I think the Crew get a goal from Robbie Rogers or Emmanuel Ekpo (remember his one-man run he had in the home game last season?). 2-1 to the Crew in a tough road matchup.

7/30/09 Nordecke Trillium Cup Victory Video

7/30/09: Renteria Excited About Move To Columbus And Venezuelan NT Prospects

Renteria: “I fell very good” article translated in English from Lavinotinto.com. (A few words may be off & a couple of words were added to help with the translation.)

The good performances of Emilio Renteria with Caracas FC, both at the national tournament and Copa Libertadores, has translated into good news for the forward from Nuevo Horizonte. First, a transfer from your team to the Ohio based Columbus Crew, and then a call to complete the national team selection.

In regards to the call from Venezuelan national team coach Farias, Renteria told Lavinotinto.com, “In truth, I feel very good, very happy for the call. I really look forward to proving myself on the field to earn a place not only here, but for the next call up.”

Renteria was given the location to start training by Venezuelan’s technical unit and will join the national team camp this Saturday in Puerto La Cruz.

Renteria’s debut with Venezuela was with the national team in the first game of this cycle, so he already knows Farias style of play. But, for him this meeting is different: “I think one of the comparisons to the other call is that this is a friendly match and the other matches have been for the World Cup playoffs. I will treat this game just like an elimination game, to prepare for the ones that follow.”

South America’s qualifying is “complicated because two teams are going to be more on the outside looking in because Chile is doing things right. But, our choices are working, we are doing things right, so I think the national team will get some good results away from home.”

Another thing on Emilio’s mind is Venezuela’s trip to the U.S. As Emilio’s journey to reach the Columbus Crew begins here in Venezuela with the national team and once he steps into the Northern United States(for a friendly against Colombia in New York), he will stay there to await orders placed by new head coach Robert Warzycha.

“The national team starts training here on Saturday and will leave for the United States on the 8th or 9th of August, I’ll go with them and we will train as a group. Once I’m in the United States, after the game I’ll go with my national team teammate(Alejandro Moreno), who will also be my partner in my new team.”

Regarding the confirmation of his signing and presentation to the media, Renteria said: “Once I get there with the national team I will say when this will all happen. When they(Columbus) come to tell me when the presentation will be.”

My thoughts: As danndamanny stated, the deal is 99% percent completed. Some individuals I have talked to from Venezuela have said that Caracas FC are already looking for a replacement and that Renteria is no longer under contract with the Copa Libertadores quarterfinalists. The Crew may want one more look at Renteria before finalizing(Mitchell has said the Crew won't sign someone without a trial but Moreno and possibly Bliss have already taken their looks). Also, the Crew had to give the Venezuelan striker some sort of guarentee of a contract for him to completely cut ties with a successful team like Caracas FC. Renteria was a popular player at the club and it's unlikely that he would cut ties with Caracas without a guarentee.

Further, the hold up and secrecy from the Crew and media on this side of the hemisphere is probably because Emilio Renteria was slated to join the Crew this Thursday or Friday, making the flight up from Maracay in Costa Rica where Caracas FC is undergoing preseason preparations. But, Renteria (slightly unexpected) got the call up for the August 12th friendly against Colombia in New York. Renteria will get his VISA before that visit and then head to Columbus with Moreno after the game.

Depending on how many minutes Renteria and Moreno get for Venezuela they could both play against FC Dallas, but it's more likely that both will sit out that game, especially if they play a role in the friendly and will instead be ready for the Crew's Concacaf Champions League debut at home on August 18th against either the Puerto Rico Islanders or Toronto FC. (I suspect the Crew will trot out two seperate forward lines(Moreno and Renteria for CCL games, Lenhart and Garey for league games) and maybe a couple changes in midfield and defense for Concacaf Champions League weeks to keep their field position players fresh.)

Also, it's likely that Nyazamba's spot will also be filled (according to dandamanny) soon as well, so expect the Crew to have a full squad near or around the commencement of the CONCACAF Champions League.

7/30/09: Crew (Rumor) Updates

Written by Danndamanny:

Hi guys, this is my first article on Crewture! I plan on contributing with "information" any chance I get (which will probably be every few weeks or so). Some of the information will be BIG such as whether or not Crew Stadium will get certain games/concerts/etc, and some of it will be small such as injury reports, and starting lineups for upcoming games.

I hope you enjoy my articles, and feel free to comment with any ideas or questions you have.

So here goes:

Emilio Renteria is 99% signed by the Crew. I expect him to be a crew player by late August if not sooner. However, there are a few minor details that need to be sorted out but I am VERY confident he will be part of the squad before the NYRB game.

Other news:

  • The Crew are in the process of signing a young developmental player from Africa. I was not able to get his name so I leave that up to you guys... Who do you think it is? Was there even anybody on the radar? All I know is that he is from Africa and will be on our developmental roster... I will try to get a name in the coming days, if not, expect him to be signed soon.

  • Although the Parking Lot siatuion has already been talked about a lot, I though I would give an update. The money has been set, The Crew plans are set, now the Crew are in talks with the Expo center about which areas will be paved. I guess some of the money was to be used for the area around the state fair (Which is already paved!)....
My Prediction: by next season about half of the grass area, will be paved.

Under all of my articles as you know there is a section for comments... Ask a question that can be answered next time I get information. I will try to take the best 2-3 questions and get them answered.

I hope this info helps you all get your "crew fix".
Go Crew.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

7/29/09: Cummins Gobsmacked With TFC's Inepitude

If you haven't heard TFC lost tonight to lower division Puerto Rico at home by a scoreline of 1-0, off of one shot.

If you missed it, you can thank TFC's press:

And, Cummins is gobsmacked by his team and their fans lack of heart. Okay, I made up the last part but TFC's fans did suck tonight, all the chanting came from three guy's on megaphones (so much for a fortress *roll eyes*):

7/29/09: Laughing Stock FC Loses 1-0 to Islanders At Home

Bill Gaudette will do glove changes or even a little grab ass to win.

Well, looks like Toronto FC's dreams of getting some pay back on the Crew in the CONCACAF Champions League has hit a roadblock as Chris Cummins and TFC were outhustled and outsmarted by the lower division Puerto Rico Islanders who won tonight at BMO Field 1-0. Puerto Rico had just about one shot and one shot was good enough as TFC keeper Stefan Frei came out mind-numbingly in the 67th minute, didn't get the ball, and Islanders striker Kendall Jagdeosingh finished a perfect strike from a bad angle to give Puerto Rico the 1-0 lead.

One shot was all it took, although TFC looked done and dusted from the first whistle as their minds still seemed in Columbus. However, a few late attacks from O'Brian White and Danny Dichio gave TFC's fanboys some slim hopes of at least getting a tie at home.

In the 82nd minute, former Crew goalkeeper Bill Guadette had a magical save on Danny Dichio's header to preserve the 1-0 lead. Guadette(giving a double dosage of the curse of the Crew) was a terror all night for the Reds and their fans, even getting away with a glove change that took five minutes off of the clock, before finally receiving a yellow card four and a half minutes into the amusing switch.

Even BMO Field (which falsely claims to be the toughest place to play in MLS even though the results tell otherwise) wasn't very terrifying for the visiting Islanders who looked more comfortable on the pitch than TFC's eleven looked most of the night. The fans matched the teams spirit, as the only chanting came from a few guys on megaphones the whole night as the noise level was simply pathetic. The loudest moment came from a "ohh!! na na na!!" rap chant. A sign in the corner, saying "The Fortress", made me chuckle. Toronto FC and the Red Patch Boys may want to hire some of us as consultants on how to build a fortress. Being undefeated in 19 at home equates to a fortress, having no streak at home because you lost your last one to a USL side at home doesn't equate to a fortress.

Anyways, Crew fans annoyed with the prospect of possibly playing Toronto FC seven times this year have nothing to worry about. If the playoffs started today Toronto would be out and Puerto Rico has more smarts and heart than TFC does to finish them off down in Puerto Rico.

Toronto FC just simply doesn't have the heart, the team or it's fans to get it done, and because of that they will sink without a trace in this competition and in the MLS playoff race down the road.

7/29/09: What's Going On? With Renteria, CCL, & More News.

What's going on with all of the talk of Emilio Renteria heading to Columbus according to Venezuelan reports (and the lack of news about it up here at Crew headquarters)? With the last couple of days flying by a Renteria move seems less and less likely. The Crew have no clue about what Renteria and his agent are talking about. However, all of Venezuela considers the deal as good as done, even listing Renteria as a Crew player in the national team call up news today.

From Vinotintos en Exterior, listing Venezuela's players for the upcoming qualifiers in September:
Arquero: Renny Vega (Caracas FC).
Defensores: Oswaldo Vizcarrondo (Olimpia de Paraguay), Juan Fuenmayor (Valerenga, Noruega), José Yeguez (Dvo. Anzoátegui), Julio Machado (Dvo. Táchira), José Manuel Rey (Caracas FC), Pedro Boada (Dvo. Anzoátegui), Gerzón Chacón (Dvo. Táchira).
Mediocampistas: Tomás Rincón (Hamburgo de Alemania), Luis Manuel Seijas (Santa Fe de Colombia), Pedro Fernández (Dvo. Táchira), Franklin Lucena (Caracas FC), Rubén Arocha (Zamora FC), Marlon Fernández (Dvo.Táchira), Giacomo Di Giorgi (Dvo.Anzoátegui),
Delanteros: Giancarlo Maldonado (Atlante de México), Juan Arango (Borussia Moenchengladbach de Alemania), Nicolás Fedor (Valencia, España), Alejandro Moreno (Columbus Crew de USA) y Emilio Rentería (Columbus Crew de USA).

Same here at Canal Vinotinto.

Also, Emilio Renteria is apparently a member of the Crew as well on his spanish wikipedia page and the Crew's spanish wikipedia page. Sure, this all sounds like an exciting new career move for Renteria. One problem though, the Crew knows nothing about it.

From reports in Venezuela, Renteria is due in Columbus on Thursday. However, I expect since Mitchell hasn't said anything to dispute his Sunday entry stating that the Crew "have no clue about this" that the Crew really have no clue about this.

Making the Renteria to Columbus rumor, with the frequency of reports from Venezuela with downright sureness, the most spurious false alarm rumor in some time.

**After a 3-2 last minute defeat in Columbus this past Saturday that gave the Trillum Cup to the Massive Columbus club once again, Toronto FC are eyeing up some revenge in the CONCACAF Champions League against the Columbus Crew. To get their shot, TFC will have to get past last year's semifinalists the Puerto Rico Islanders in a home and home two game series starting tonight at 8 p.m. on Gol TV and concluding a week from now in a return leg down in Puerto Rico. No easy task.

Especially when one considers that Puerto Rico missed out on last year's CONCACAF Champions League finals on penalty kicks against Mexican powerhouse Cruz Azul. Puerto Rico took a 2-0 lead at home:

Just to have Cruz Azul win 3-1 at their home place the next week(sadly CONCACAF doesn't count away goals or Puerto Rico would have been through) and then Cruz Azul won 4-2 on penalties:

If I was Toronto FC I would worry about one game at a time, and not look past a fully capable Puerto Rico side who have made it much farther in this tournament than a lot of MLS teams have in recent years. However, if Toronto FC somehow stumble by the USL 1 Puerto Rican side, the Crew will play Toronto in the first CCL game at home on August the 18th.

Here's the entire schedule:
August 18 - vs. Toronto FC/Puerto Rico Islanders
August 26 - @ Cruz Azul/Herediano
September 16 - @ Deportivo Saprissa
September 23 - vs. Cruz Azul/Herediano
September 29 - vs. Deportivo Saprissa
October 20 - @ Toronto FC/Puerto Rico Islanders

For tonight's game, I'm pretty sure all Crew fans will be rooting for the Islanders. I hope to never see Toronto again this year. Because you have to figure they will get lucky one of these times. If Toronto makes it through, we will play them five times this year, and possibly a total of seven if we see them in the playoffs. Oy vey!

**MLS Rumors are on a path of ridicoulous-ness once again, this time with US Soccer. Read the hillarity here, instead of giving them the blog hits.

7/29/09: On the Market: Terry Cooke

On Tuesday, the Colorado Rapids released Terry Cooke, a midfielder who has been in the top 10 in assists in MLS the last 3 seasons. As the CONCACAF Champions League nears, as well as the push for the Playoffs, Supporter's Shield, and MLS Cup, the Crew should be looking to add depth while they can, especially if the price is right. According to the 2009 MLS player Salaries Cooke stands to make $192,500, though my guess is that Colorado would remain on the hook for a large sum of that, given the placement in the season. Keep in mind here, the Crew have not made any indication they would want this player, and at this point, any speculation about getting Cooke is purely mine. That said, would a player like Terry Cooke be a good fit for the Crew? Let's look at it from both sides:

The Good:

- Adds a player who produced 34 assists in 4 seasons with the Rapids
- Brings depth and experience to the wings
- Most likely not going to cost the Crew his full 2009 salary
- Could be used as an unprotected player at the end of the season for the expansion draft

The Bad:

- Adds another aging player (Cooke will be 33 next week)
- Most likely a salary near or over $100k for the rest of the year
- Used to room with David Beckham, which means he could be an idiot

Despite the age and salary, my opinion is that this would be a good pickup for the club. Cooke's leadership would definitely be useful in CONCACAF Champions League games, or in the off chance we might want to rest the starters against a bottom feeder, like New York or Dallas. Plus, at the end of the year, he might help keep a younger player from getting snatched up by Philadelphia in the expansion draft.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

7/29/09: Should Moreno Keep Starting?

Is Moreno still the go to guy? (Picture by Jim Early)

In every sport, there is always going to be competition for starting spots on a team. Right now, as we all know, this is a situation that is happening between our own Steven Lenhart, Jason Garey, and Alejandro Moreno. With the pleasant and surprising play of the Bash Brothers, people are wondering if Moreno should be benched when he gets healthy. Right now, Moreno is in a different position because both Lenhart and Garey have stepped up their game and are demanding more playing time. As a Crew leader and veteran, if he works hard in training I believe he should continue to get many minutes for the team.

Sure, Lenhart and Garey are 2 young players who at the moment are really clicking playing side by side together, but you can't take Moreno out of the equation yet. He is a proven veteran, having played around 205 MLS games and experiencing 3 MLS Cup championships, scoring in last years MLS Cup in a 3-1 win for The Crew. He plays for his Venezuelen national team where he has played in World Cup qualifiers. He is a great player that young forwards on the team can continue to look up to.

Furthermore, in his career with The Crew, Moreno's numbers are a little better then the other 2 lads. Moreno has scored 19 goals in 64 appearences (29%) with the team . Yeah, those aren't great numbers but they are the best numbers we have at our forward position. Garey has 13 goals in 55 appearences (23%) and Lenhart has 6 goals in 25 appearences (24%). I'm not saying that Garey and Lenhart are bad, because their play recently have been magnificent, I'm just saying that they are still young and there can be much improvement.

Finally, Moreno has been playing the past 2 years as the lone striker and having to hold the ball and give it to other players when they come and help. If Moreno would have a striker beside him like Garey or Lenhart, it could be beneficial. And having Garey or Lenhart beside him could help them as they would improve with playing alongside a hard working Moreno.

As of right now, I feel that if Moreno works hard in training and he shows that he is a leader, he should still get valuable minutes. Its good that the Bash Brothers are playing really well together, but it may be good also if Moreno plays alongside one of them. Warzycha is going to have to evaluate this and see what happens when Guillermo is fit and ready, as he may want to think about using a different formation now that using 2 strikers is working out well. We will see what happens in the coming weeks.

As of now, see you later...

"Vamos, vamos, vamos, vamos Columbus Crew!

La Turbina no te deja de apoyar!

Yo te sigo a donde vayas Columbus Crew!

Yo te quiero ver campeon!"

7/28/09: "Better Off Dead Than Red" Tifo Pictures

Description: Since all of our rivals are red(DC, Chicago, and TFC) it made sense to make this crowd banner for the TFC game and all other times that we play our rivals.

7/28/09: "A Magical Second Half" - Crew vs. TFC Pictures Part 2

More pictures by Jim Early:

Where's your famous red army?