Tuesday, December 8, 2009

12/8/09: Gimnasia Admits Ball Is In Crew's Court In Regard To Schelotto

Sensationalist Argentinian media admits that Columbus Crew are in the driver's seat still and Gimnasia is just the second option, according to Diario HOY:

How is the situation today? Complicated. Or at least not so simple. Until 31st December, the future of Twin is in the hands of Columbus Crew and still needs to see if the U.S. club decides to renew Guillermo's contract for another season. Gimnasia are waiting with open arms. But of course, as the Moncho says, it would be good to start with the efforts already taking into account the situation being experienced by the team. "Contacts with the president? There was, though it is said that it was not as fruitful as hoped." I asked Walter (Gisande) to talk with the Twin, but it will all be for after the tournament," said Moncho at the conference.

My thoughts: Despite all the ridicoulous talk and borderline b.s. and hoopla from Argentina, the bolded above points out that another season with the Crew is more important to Schelotto then a final season with Gimnasia. This is because, if Guillermo really wanted to go to Gimnasia all he would have to do is to wait until January 1st (when his Crew contract runs out) and sign with Gimnasia. But, because Guillermo and Gimnasia are waiting to see if the Crew offers Guillermo a good enough contract, Guillermo's first choice is still Columbus.

If Guillermo's heart was set on Gimnasia, Gimnasia and Guillermo would have no interest in what Columbus offers this December. All they would have to do is simply wait until January 1st.


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