Saturday, December 5, 2009

12/5/09: No One Cares About Your Message.

In shocking news TFC fans are boycotting again.. This time another Crew away game. Oh no!

Yet, this is how I like them, small and pathetic...

And, this is just how I like us, winning trophies..

And, looks like TFC will continue to be small and pathetic in Columbus in 2010. As some TFC fans are calling out their own supporters for once again deciding to neglect their club:

When does a supporters group stop becoming a supporters group? With the Red Patch Boys in Toronto it happened this year. there was to much criticism come from the group, ie, player moves, manager was like nothing the FO did was good enough...RPB members threatened to cancel season tickets if we didnt make the playoffs this year? some supporters!! your are suppose to be there thick and thin, no glory hunters wanted at this club. Now the RPB have decided not to go to the season KO in Columbus, they say they want to send a message to the league, the CREW FO, Columbus police etc..What message are they sending? only that they are not team supporters and are worrying about there own egos and self importance..Supporters clubs are important but they are not nor should they try to be bigger then the club they say they support. Another thing this year was the RPB group seem to be a cash grab group, with the amount of merchandise being sold from numerous scarfs, t shirts, etc,
yes i know no one forced us to buy this was a personal decision...if anyone on these boards want RPB scarfs or more then willing to sell mine at could be a RPB without having to buy a membership!! Supporters groups need to get back to the main purpose of supporting the club of their choice and not being more important then the club.

My thoughts: Who cares if they come or not. The only message it sends to me is that there are less of them in the stands supporting their club. Which from my point of view is great. I enjoyed a packed Nordecke against a measly 25 Toronto fans in the 3-2 Trillum Cup win last year.

Also, honestly, are they not over last season's opener yet? What happened to their fans wasn't even that bad. Crew fans have been subjected to worse in Chicago and it is nothing a week later. Honestly, TFC fans just come off as a bunch of sissy's.

TFC should really consider changing their logo to an effigy of Bruno:

I also agree with the point of cash grabbing. I wish our supporters groups would stop with the stupid t-shirts as well and membership cards.

Anyways, the biggest event for me in March is the two game series against Toluca. What happens against TFC and what is going on with their fans is a far, far, far second.


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