Friday, December 4, 2009

12/5/09: Here Comes The Yanks! USA Draws England, Slovenia, and Algeria.

In the bar that I watched the draw in yesterday there were some English, college soccer players. One of them, when the draw format was announced and the USA was not picked to be in group A or B, said, "watch the USA will play England in Group C first." Sure, enough that was what happened. So, there it is, the colonials vs. the imperialists, the queen vs. George Washington, Becks vs. Landy, Green Street Hooligans vs. Hudson Street Hooligans (err..).

My first thoughts were well this match up could be spicy, as an American you cannot help but get amped for a clash against Rooney, Gerrard, etc.

However, like every team in the world, I was kind of hoping to get drawn into South Africa's group from the start. But, when we were announced against England I thought well that could be enticing. In fact, I'm actually thinking about saving my money and cutting my going out to once a week(and sometimes no going out) so that I can afford to go. I would love to be a part of a USA win over England in the World Cup. Also, I think $2,800 for all group stage accomodations is worth being a part of this. Really, just singing the national anthem alone would be worth it:

It should be quite the party in South Africa as the United States have actually sold the most tickets so far.

Further, it appears to be shaping up to be an already much, more successful campaign than 2006. As in regards to our draw, I was kind of worried that the US would be in the group of death when we were selected with England. But, I think we lucked out drawing Slovenia and Algeria, neither of those national sides are exactly world soccer powers. However, both Algeria and Slovenia are capable and could give the USA a game, so the USA has to do the business.

Nevertheless, overall, I really do like our chances of getting into the knockout round. Since 1994, the USA National team has had a great World Cup campaign, followed by a dismal one, followed by a great one, and followed once again by a dismal one. So, in 2010, the USA has to be looking for their best run yet.

And, what a way to start it out against England. I think the possibility of kicking England's ass will even gain a lot of interest from every day Americans who do not like soccer, because every American likes a good old English ass kicking. Should be fun.

For some interesting quotes from both sides, check out the USA's Fifa page.


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