Thursday, December 31, 2009

12/31/09: Crew Could End Up Lucking Out With Cal's Wiedeman At No. 8

5 new players have signed Generation Adidas deals with MLS, according to Ives, including Cal U. forward Andrew Wiedeman (who was expected in the draft) and Danny Mwanga who was unexpected to sign a deal with MLS. The inclusion of Oregon State striker Danny Mwanga for a reported record of $175,000, pushes a player back one. And, it will be hard for D.C. United (slated earlier to go with Wiedeman) to pass on a Carbon Bone type player at number 7, as this mock draft example shows the (likely) current first round stituation now that Mwanga is included. As now, with Mwanga, there are just too many other good options at number 6 and number 7 for FC Dallas and D.C. United; which makes it more likely that the Crew will be handed one good striker that can (possibly) contribute right away, in either Andre Akpan or Andrew Wiedeman.

Overall the following players have signed Generation Adidas contracts (bolded are possible Crew targets at both picks): Amobi Okugo, Zachary Herold, Andrew Wiedeman, Tony Tchani, Danny Mwanga, Teal Bunbury, Blair Gavin, Dilly Duka, and Jack McInerney. I expect the Crew to go with Wiedeman now at number 8 (if available). And, then go with another Generation Adidas player, to save cap space, at 12 with either Okugo(if available), Gavin, or McInerney.

More on Wiedeman: Andrew Wiedeman in his last two seasons has 23 goals in 36 games for California University. This past season Wiedeman had 11 goals in 18 games. Further, Wiedeman is being considered the Chris Pontius of this draft.

Cal U needs to put more on youtube as this is the only footage I could find of Wiedeman:


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