Thursday, December 3, 2009

12/3/09: Guillermo To Ask Permission To Train With Gimnasia Starting Next Week. A Signal To The End.

Apparently Gimnasia (Nicknamed the Wolf's) got rid of their technical director Madelon who Schelotto did not get along well with. Since, Gimnasia has done that Guillermo is asking permission from Columbus to start training with Gimnasia starting next week. Which means that if Schelotto wants to start training with Gimnasia he has no intentions of coming back to Columbus and will sign with Gimnasia starting in January when Guillermo's contract runs out.

The exit of Madelón of the technical direction of Gymnastics left the Melli Guillermo Barros Schelotto the open doors of Small Stay to summarize its desired return to the Wolf, and even from sources close to the forward one they assure that the own player would be asking permission to be incorporated to the training the next week, what would give to the leadership a finished sample of Guillermo's firm intentions of returning.

One must emphasize that though nobody mentioned it, a distancing exists between Guillermo and Madelón for which the Mellizo if continued the process already had determined not to return. Now the setting changed and the chances are latent.

It is worth to emphasize that despite that behind various days media announced with bass drums and plates that the Melli there was himself determined by continuing his career a year more in the Columbus Crew, the certain thing is that the player was expecting the to occur of the events in the Wolf to make a firm decision.

Guillermo wants to finish his sports career in the Wolf and thus themselves it would have done to know already the leaders of the Wolf, that though they saw with very good eyes the return of the idol, they included the thumb down that there would be placed Madelón, situation that knew to bother the player.

Of all forms, Guillermo never closed the door to its dream and now that the departure of Madelón is a consummate fact, would reject any offering that the outside arrive from to be added to the Wolf.

Since already the telephone of the Melli is open to the wait of a call of the leadership mens healthy, although there will be that to mediate the decision that take the new coach that assume to see if Guillermo or not to finish its career in the Wolf.

Nevertheless, the Melli, as to clarify its will, would ask permission to be coached with the first team from the next week.


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