Monday, December 28, 2009

12/28/09: GBS Says Deal At Gimnasia Is Dead, GBS Stresses Relationship With Crew And Will Renegotiate With Columbus

From Diario Hoy:
Gymnastics dreamed to return Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Turbo Vargas, but may not be. The Twin will play one more year in Major League Soccer..

The situation is already known of Guillermo, and after statements he made last Wednesday seems to be no turning back. Guillermo is at odds with the leadership of Walter Gisande, and he was hard used and criticized. Their future is in the Major League Soccer, which is negotiating to renew contract with Columbus Crew for another season.

From Infobae:
Guillermo Barros Schelotto put a stop to his possible arrival at Gymnastics and at the same time, hit the leaders of the club hard, whom he accused of not doing things right to take the team forward.

"I do not feel that the leaders want to take Gymnastics to the situation in which it is slowly growing, but instead the opposite is true." GBS said.

For several months a recurring theme in La Plata is the possible return of Barros Schelotto, something that the protagonist himself ruled out at the moment: "I have a relationship with another club (Columbus Crew), that I can solve...".

Nevertheless, are the Crew on the same page, From McCullers recent internet chat:

Loren, from Columbus, OH asks:
Will GBS be back? If not, I will not be renewing my season tickets.

Mark McCullers
I don't know if Guille will be back - I'm hopeful that he will be back. But if he's not, I am confident that our team will continue to be successful. We have created success by establishing a championship mentality that begins with the concept that no one is bigger than the team. We win as a team, so our success will not be dictated by one individual. We were 8-2 when Guille was out of the lineup in 2009 and we scored 16 goals. That's a 1.6 goals per game average. We were 8-8-11 when he started and we scored 25 goals. That's a .9 goals per game average. He's a special player and I would love to see him in a Crew uniform in 2010 but not at any cost. We have to look at the entire team and not just one player.

My thoughts: Maybe that 8-2 compared to the 8-8-11 is because the Crew are more successful with two true forwards. Therefore, the Crew should maybe consider taking one player out of the midfield or defense, likely the second defensive midfielder, to have two forwards in front of Schelotto for more scoring punch up top.

Overall, if the Crew can get GBS for $400,000 or less, they should definitely pull the trigger. If Guillermo still wants the big pay day, maybe the Crew would be better off going a different, younger direction with two forwards up top.


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