Monday, December 28, 2009

12/28/09: Did Someone Say Crew.. 12/28

I was just checking out some blogs, and here are some spurious mentions of interest pretaining to the Crew:

**From Blogger Equals Jobber- As fans we need to take back our league and make it our own. We have the power as consumers and we should demand better quality and meaning. The true 2009 MLS Champion is the Columbus Crew and I salute you.

**From Brands That Stand- It’s well documented that I am not a fan of MLS, but the embarrassment caused to that league by the Beckham debacle is of little concern to me. It should have been no surprise to Beckham or anyone else that the caliber of play in MLS is well below the standards at which he has played most of his life. He had to be aware he wasn’t going to gain international match readiness playing against the likes of the Columbus Crew.

Ouch someone send that dude some hate mail.. Or at least let him know that Beckham plans to come back to the Galaxy after the World Cup.. Working with 3 new Brazilian charges as well.

**From Glory Days- An Akron Zip fan, in a Columbus Crew scarf, dancing half nude with their mascot during the College Cup (enjoy, or hopefully don't). Got to love the Akron fans though, need to get some of their students down to C-Bus for the offseason since they seem to embrace the soccer a bit more than the average OSU student:

**And Chris has a pretty good list of 10 things for 2010 for the Crew over at the Offsides Blog. Needs to bring that over to a better blog, *cough cough* Crewture.

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  1. The AK-Rowdies are awesome, well atleast when fully clothed. Not only did the Zips team have an extremely successful season, they had record attendence for the year. Also, I heard that they sold more tickets for home games then any other college. I would argue that Lee Jackson field was one of the most difficult places to play because of the AK-Rowdies!