Monday, December 28, 2009

12/28/09: Crew Draft- More Information On McInerney & GA's

Possible Crew draft target, Jack McInerney, (as Ives believes that the Crew will either go with two of the trio of Amobo Okugo, Blair Gavin, and McInerney in the draft) was according to this, recently a target of clubs in Europe such as Hertha Berlin and Dutch side Vitesse Arnhem. Nevertheless, McInerney has decided to stick it stateside in MLS and has already signed with MLS under Generation Adidas. And, I believe the Crew will only look to pick up two Generation Adidas players with their first round selections; as GA's do not count against the cap.

However, McInerney might go later in the first round because he is likely to be in Europe in a year or two. But, I think the Crew should take a chance on young talent such as McInerney. If McInerney does not count against the cap and can be a goalscorer for us, then let him give us 10-15 goals in 2010, let him help us in CONCACAF and our regular season, he costs us nothing, and then let him go to Europe around 2012. Rather have someone who can score for two years than our current striker stituation of stagnant scoring for 5 more years.

Well, that is if the kid can score at the pro level. But, I would like to take a chance on him. He scored like a madmen in the CONCACAF U-17's and he is legitimately wanted by many clubs in Europe. If we need to take a chance on one position, it is forward. We could use a young gun like him to propel us possibly over the one thing we are missing, a legitimate striker.

I think if the Crew go with McInerney, they'll go with either midfielder Blair Gavin or Amobo Okugo with the other pick, or a Padula understudy in Dayton native Ofori Sarkodie, although I think that would not be smart in the first round as Sarkodie isn't even considered one of the top ten defenders in the draft by Carrick.

Also, the Crew could find themselves lucking out with the more experienced and older forward, Andre Akpan, at pick 8. Because FC Dallas, where Akpan is a local product, could trade their two picks to move up to pick up Tony Tchani who could start in the midfield right away for FC Dallas. As Ives says in his mock draft, San Jose's Yallop (who Ives slates to pick up Tchani) isn't too keen on the draft so they might trade that pick to FC Dallas.

If the Crew get Akpan at number 8, they might go with McInerney at number 12. And, hope that one of those two young gun strikers can turn into big time strikers for the Crew in 2010. Otherwise, I expect the Crew to go the McInerney at #12 and someone else at a different position at the #8 route.

For more information on Generation Adidas selections and the draft, check out the 3rd Degree.


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