Wednesday, December 23, 2009

12/23/09: Garey In Crew's Long Term Plans, Signs 4 Year Deal

It appears that the Bash Brothers will get more chances to combine for goals in 2010.

The Columbus Crew on Monday signed Jason Garey to a four year contract up until the end of the 2013 season, at $80,000 dollars a year. Garey had 5 goals in 705 minutes during the 2009 campaign, which was the second best scoring rate on the team (per minutes) behind Guillermo Barros Schelotto. Nevertheless, the deal comes as a bit of a surprise; both because of the nice salary boost and the ammount of contracted years, despite Garey being used the least (in 2009) out of a striker stable who could not score consistently and also despite that Garey looked ultimately, ineffective when he came into any games after August.

Garey had to say the following on the deal:
"The Crew was pretty proactive in coming to me right after last season, saying they wanted me to be a part of things again," Garey said. "I'm excited to stay. I love the city, the fans and my teammates. Hopefully, I'll get some more playing time."

My thoughts: Crew technical director Brian Bliss said the following on the Garey deal, "When he's been given opportunities, Jason has been someone who's delivered." I'm not sure if I totally agree. Garey has scored just 13 goals in 61 league appearances for the Crew, that would be like showing up to work for two months and only doing what you're paid to do for 13 of those days.

On the other hand, I'm not sure what Garey is thinking. As at the end of the season, Garey was the fourth choice striker behind Moreno, Lenhart, and Renteria. Further, there is no guarentee that Garey will get more playing time in 2010, especially since the Crew have made no secret that there still after that legitimate 20 goals a year type, striker.

Yet, I think overall this is a good move for the Crew. Jason Garey is 25 and most soccer players peak around 28. So, unless we get some world beating striker this offseason, Garey will receive his opportunities in 2010 to become the starter. Especially since, neither Lenhart or Renteria will likely cement their spots either with consistent scoring. Also, if Garey finally has a break out season in 2010 and scores 15-20 goals; Then the Crew won't have to increase his wages and they'll have a hot striker for a cheap $80,000 dollars a year up until 2014. Additionally, this is a good move for Garey because he is guarenteed to make $80,000 dollars a year up through the 2013 season. And, I'm not sure if Garey would get that elsewhere. So, hopefully Garey shows in 2010 he's worth the faith that the Crew front office has put into him with this deal.


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