Wednesday, December 23, 2009

12/23/09: Dayton Dutch Lions FC Open Business In Dayton, Officially Partnered With FC Twente

Players signed:
1. Ocscar Moens (36)- Former Dutch NT Goalkeeper, Experience with many Dutch clubs including PSV Eindhoven.

2. Hans Van De Haar (34)- Played recently for clubs such as ADO Den Haag and FC Utrecht.

3. Nyron Wau (27)- Recently played for Dutch First Division sides FC Den Bosch, Helmond Sport, and AGOVV Apeldoorn.

4. Johan Wigger (24)- Played for FC Emmen and currently captain of German side SV Meppen.

5. Julius Wille (22)- Plays for Dutch First Division side A.G.O.V.V. Apeldoorn.

Rather interesting set of events going on in Dayton, as the Dayton Dutch Lions FC (about a good hour from Columbus) will play in the USL's Premier Development League next season. The club has already signed five players who were either with a Eredivisie (Premier) or Eerste Divisie (First Division) side in the Netherlands last year. The names include Nyron Wau, Hans Van De Haar, Julius Wille, Johan Wigger, and former Dutch national goalkeeper Oscar Moens. The club will be official partners with top Dutch side FC Twente and will look to build a youth academy modeled after FC Twente's world recognized academy. The club will be run by ex-professional Dutch players Mike Mossel and Erik Tammer, who both own their own Sport's Management firms.

In regards to their youth ambitions, according to the Dayton Daily News, Tammer and Mossel had to say the following:
“People in the United States probably don’t know FC Twente, but in Holland it’s a very well recognized youth system,” Mossel said. “Our elite academy only has one team per age category. We’re only trying to get the top 150 players in the region. Yes it’s elite, but if you get the top 150 and educate them for 10 years with the top coaches from Holland, something must come out of that.”

Basically, it is a great chance for youth players around Ohio to get from here straight into the Dutch youth divisions. Furthermore, after the Dayton Dutch Lions sign up their 8 foreign Dutch players, they'll also be looking to sign 15 American players either in their last year of college or teamless, for their senior team. They will sign these 15 players from a January 30th tryout. If you think you have what it takes, go here.

Anyways, overall, this is great for Ohio soccer. If this academy can succeed then the Dayton Dutch Lions FC academy, along with the Columbus Crew's successful academy and the Brad Friedel academy will make Ohio the hotspot for soccer development in the U.S.A.

Further, the Dayton Dutch Lions will also play a friendly in April against the Columbus Crew at a date and time to be determind. Sounds like a good reason to get out to Columbus Crew Stadium and shake off some of that offseason supporter rust.

The Dayton Dutch Lions website.


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