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12/2/09: Guillermo On His Future

Will Guillermo walk out on Columbus? (Pic by Sam Fahmi)

Guillermo Barros Schelotto is back in Argentina on holiday. GBS has said that he will not talk with any other team until his contract is up with the Crew on December 31st. Guillermo said that there is no chance of him returning to Boca Juniors, but he may play again next year for his first Argentinian team, Club de Gimnasia. Overall, I hope Guillermo plays for the Crew, but if not I hope he goes to Gimnasia and not another MLS team.

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Guillermo Barros Schelotto is on holiday in Buenos Aires and the xeneizes(Boca fans) delude themselves with his return. In a head to head with the Twin explained: "Now it's up to others." Guillermo did not rule out returning to Club de Gimnasia, confirmed that after retirement he will look to go into coaching and spoke of his friend Martin Palermo.

Guillermo is certainly one of the last idols of Boca and "Intractable" still lives in the memories of all fans, but two years passed since Guillermo ceased to wear the "Blue and gold" shirt. Walking through his country, Guillermo spoke with on his present, his future, and the situation of Boca and of course, Martin Palermo.

- Do people at Boca delude your return?
-- No, my time has passed. Now it's up to others. I lived ten years in Boca where I was very happy, that's it.

- The last time there was also talk of a possible return to Club de Gimnasia, is there potential? - Maybe, until December 31 I have a contract and then decide.

- In your stay in Buenos Aires, do you hook up with Martin Palermo?
-- Not yet, I telephoned him. Since we will meet for a chat ...

- How do you see Martin's performance ?
-- Martin is still to be on Boca. But of course, before a bad campaign, it is always going to point to the biggest players. I have spoken to some and they are angry with themselves. I do not think that serves to change players for the mere fact of change. Around campus experienced players are needed.

- From a distance, are you concerned about the situation at Boca?
-- I think the championship is finished, out of sight, the team definitely is not right, not going to end up like everyone wanted, but hey, now we have to finalize it and start thinking about next year.

- Why do you think the season was so bad?
-- I was sorry for all the injuries. That, coupled with individual and collective slump, finished creating this campaign.

- Are there internal issues at Boca?
- Do not think it influences. One can not have a good relationship with one player in particular, but that does not mean one should play on a different side.

- How is your present in Columbus?
-- I am doing very well, we had a good year, not like before, but it was good, the balance is positive.

-- Not only did you go with all the laurels of Boca, but you were elected the best player in the U.S. ...
-- Everything I went through and got there was very nice, I'm very happy.

- Are your future plans to coach?
- When you stop playing, yeah, sure. For now I want to play another year at least.

- What does Boca mean to you?
-- Boca is a club where I spent many years of my life, luckily it went very well and I have good memories. I'm permanently attached to Boca from the feelings and even the friends I have who are still in there.


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