Thursday, December 17, 2009

12/17/09: The Video That Angers Every Real Hooligan

Here are comments that I receive in my email every day (thanks to youtube notification) for a not so great first video I made. They crack me up though, haha:

ex. 1 omg you guys truly aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer calling yourself hooligans. do you even know anything about european fan culture and its history or do you just think it's cool to call your group "hooligans"? agree with everyone else here - don't go to south africa!!!

ex. 2 You lot of Yanks come to Wolverhampton, England and you will get fucked. Thinking your all hard come to England then. Agree with you bagley1987. Comon the Wolves!

I'm more into the ultra type deal nowadays but the comments are still entertaining and there are tons more. Also, apparently we shouldn't go to South Africa to support our national team, haha, woo scary.

This was from my first video from a year and a half ago, which is also my most viewed video with 16,000 angry hits. Lets just say it wasn't the greatest video since it was mostly pictures from when the Nordecke just started out, the beginning of the two years. I also made the mistake of calling us a hooligan army. Which has enraged all the European hoolie's, haha just read all the comments, can't believe how mad they get over a dumb video. Pretty entertaining.. And, man, out of all the videos that has to become popular.. As my newer stuff is a lot better than this (Check them here. Still shows how far we have come:

**Toronto FC has decided not to pick up the options on Amado Guevara, Pablo Vitti, or Lesly Fellinga. I doubt the Crew would be interested in any of those three. As Guevara wouldn't likely fit into the Crew's happy locker room while Vitti and Fellinga are probably not worth a second look, talent wise.

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  1. Ryan, love the site. Keep up the good work. I even like that first video. The still shots of a young Nordecke made me proud. But calling it a hooligan army seems naive in hindsight, haha.