Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12/1/09: MLS To Give Garber A $4 Million A Year, Multi-Year Contract, If Don Guides MLS Out Of CBA Trouble

Garber vs. The Players, In a battle with Garber's job and a $12 million dollar pay day on the line.

According to Street & Smith's Sport Business Journal, MLS owners are looking to sign Don Garber to a new, multiyear contract as MLS commissioner if the Don can get a collective bargaining agreement done by early next year. So, if the Don wants that arab money, as Busta Rhymes would say, he is going to have to get something done with the MLS players salary-wise, that also works for the owners. As Run DMC would say it's tricky.

AEG man and Gals owner, with a lot of money, Tim Leiweke said:
“Do we want to get Don a renewal?” Leiweke said. “Yes. He’s a good commissioner and he’s done a good job. [But] there’s unpredictability right now with the CBA. Once we have predictability, we’ll get Don done.”

If the Don gets resigned he will make, according to Trip Mickle at SSSBJ, $4 million a year! For three years. Man, with that money the Don could finance the Crew into a CONCACAF power. Or at least pay a new player or two more than $16,000 a year. Help a Cory Elenio out.

Anyways, MLS has seemed to do quite well under Garber lately. I also don't believe many would know how to make it work, right now, like he has. So, if Garber can get a player deal done, then I'm alright with signing him up. Well, as long as he gives Alex Grendi some dinner coupons to Red Lobster or something.


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