Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12/1/09: The History Of Soccer- Religion And Sport In The Soccer World

Since it is the offseason and there isn't too much going on, I just wanted to share this video I made for my project this week in my Sociological Sports Management class. Like most of my Sports Management projects, I focus on soccer (big surprise there). I also figured this video would be a good segway to bring back a series I have done before in the offseason, called History of Soccer. If you love soccer like I do, you always want to learn more about it, and if I come across something interesting.. I'll post it in this series. Anyways, here goes, I think there is some slightly interesting stuff in this video, since I found some good information on Celtic vs. Rangers, and Hakoah Vienna, among other things. So, if your bored, take a look. Also, linked below my video, is a good series on Celtic vs. Rangers.

This is all a part of a blog project I'm working on for my Sports Management Masters program. I'm working on this, as well as a new website, a new blog, and also on improving Crewture, starting in Mid-December. Anyways here is the video if you want a quick lesson on religion in the soccer world.

Description: A look at Religion and Sport. Mainly what occurs when one team defined by religion comes into contact with an opponent from an opposite religion, mainly seen in the Celtic vs. Rangers derbies. Also, a look at Jewish teams and Muscular Judaism in the sport of soccer. Btw, I think you will enjoy the Crew background.


Celtic vs. Rangers series:


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