Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12/1/09: Crew Looking For A Striker. What Is New, What Is New..

The Crew in their striker search have already missed out on a hell of a striker Michael Chopra (Cardiff City) and his delightful sister Priyanka Chopra, the Crew have also missed out on flops such as Maciej Zurawski (AC Omonia Nicosia of Cyprus) and Matt Jansen (Leigh Genesis F.C. of Eigth Division England). Who will they miss out on this year?!

Apparently losing Alejandro Moreno and his four goals is a tremendous hole to fill. As the Crew and Robert Warzycha look to re-up at the striker position, according to Craig Merz. However, this is nothing new as just about every offseason the Crew is looking for a new striker. And, with or without Moreno, I felt as if the Crew needed a guy who could consistently put it in the onion bag. The Crew have yet to find anyone that can for the umptieth season. And, the Crew's current stable of Steven Lenhart and Jason Garey have yet to become proven goalscorers, and Emilio Renteria is a yet to be proven commodity.

Renteria might still turn out to be gold. Lenhart, despite having 700 more minutes and one less goal compared to 2008, appears to be improving and appears to be becoming a more polished player. Garey, who actually had the same ammount of goals as Moreno despite far less minutes, might get one more season to prove it for the Crew (although I think his time in yellow is beginning to run out). Overall, the Crew have a trio of yet to be proven strikers. It isn't enough and Warzycha knows it.

But, the good news is the Crew are in a good position. They have changed things up dramatically by losing Alejandro Moreno. As the Crew and Warzycha in 2009 almost seemed afraid to sit Moreno (and his four goals) because of his veteran history. Now the Crew can go out and try to get a goalscorer, and try to match up Renteria, Lenhart, and Garey with that striker until someone sticks.

Anyways, a good offseason striker search, as an attack minded player back in the day, feels me with glee. In fact, I'm working on striker options for the Crew right now on Football Manager 2010, if you know, the Crew want to pay a consultant in buck a brats, then holler at your boy.

However, according to Merz, Warzycha isn't just stopping there, no, no, no.. Warzycha's language here makes it sound like he will make it his team no matter what in 2010:
"I'm trying to put the best product on the field. I'm not looking for only one position," he said. "I would like to bring some new blood to the team. We have to get better. Other teams are bringing in new players so that's how they get better. We'd like to refresh the team a little bit. It's our feeling if we go with the same names it can be very good or not."

I think Warzycha is wrong with that statement. What the Crew were missing in 2009, and what they got by without in 2008 because of midfield production, was a real life striker. This team is amazing with a real striker. It is the missing piece of the puzzle. A team that has won the Supporters Shield and has made it to the knockout round of CONCACAF does not need a complete overhaul.


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