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11/15/09: Nordecke Top 5 TIFO's Of The Year

After watching the epic fail tonight of Chicago in the PK department, a sad finality came over me that the actual MLS season is finally coming to a close. For some reason, the shock that the season was over for the Crew really didn’t hit me until tonight, and so thus begins the long winter of withdrawal until Crewsmas begins again in 4 months. So as the lights finally get turned off for good at CCS, the drums get packed away, and the banners folded, I want to turn my blog entry tonight to the positive highlights of our season in the Nordecke. The post written over at MatchFit USA, although infuriating and unsubstantiated to the attendance decline in recent years at CCS, brings a valid point.

That point being is the growth and viability of our fan base surely lies in the expansion and marketability of the Nordecke. The small attendance of 10,200 at the RSL home game although small, really paints a true picture of where our paid fan base rests and filters out where the casual fan may sit. If you watched the game, it was no surprise that at least 60% of that crowd was in the general vicinity of the Nordecke. I am just not talking about the large portion in the section itself, but to the right of it where it seemed the largest collection of fans was watching the game. I find this as direct evidence that the passion of the Nordecke is and will continue to draw more fans in our direction and eventually increase our attendance. No longer do I think McCullers and his cronies have the right to pursue, discriminate, and find fault with the Nordecke for their own impotent ways of their marketing department to get more casual fans to the game but should embrace it if they wish to see attendance rise.

But that is a topic for another day and tonight I want to highlight the top 5 TIFO and fan displays of the season that helps fuel that passion. As I look in retrospect to 2 years ago compared to now, it is remarkable how evolved our TIFO displays and way of supporting our team has really developed and continues to do so. So without further delay, I give you my own top 5 Nordecke displays of the 2010 season…..

5. Better Dead Then Red

This is what I consider probably the most intricate and complicated banner display of the season. This banner which was constructed in the warehouse the week prior to the Toronto 2nd home game, was composed of 4 king size sheets and about 15 hours of drawing and painting labor in the boiling midsummer heat. Unfortunately, this banner goes #5 on my list for the unfortunate displaying of the banner. No good pictures really exist of it at the game and it wasn’t pulled properly to show it in its true entirety. Heres hoping that it’s still around and possibly could be hung off the stage for 2010 opener against TFC to show its true glory.

4. Forza Crew

This banner might be one of the largest done of the season. Artistically simple compared to the Better Dead Than Red, this banner still got the message across and was displayed amazingly at games in the beginning of the season. Although I wasn’t on the team that made it and don’t know the details, I think it was probably one of the best shown banners at games this season.

3. Lamar Hunt “True Original”

Classic. Brilliantly designed. A testimonial to the greatness of our late owner who helped started the MLS in America. This banner that typically rests at the top of the Nordecke, was made at the beginning of the season by Rick Thomas, 2010 winner of fan of the year. Those who know Rick would agree that whatever banner he brings to a game is well done. This banner though is just special, and even was displayed at the Crew Awards in honor of our late owner. Kudos Rick to the thought of painting this banner. I hope it stays at the top of the Nordecke for many years to come.

2. Home Opener Two Stick Display

I put this at #2 just for the shear amount of work, money, time invested, and planning that went behind the home opener of the 2010 season. The two stick idea was presented at the end of the season and encouraged by every fan to get involved and present a large display to the team before the game. Most of the two-sticks were made between Ryan and Rick, but I am sure many others contributed to the cause. The result? A cohesive display of support shown to usher in our 2010 season and one of the most impressive displays of the season in the MLS IMHO.

1. Crew Bar Scarf

Primarily done by Kevin, Footy 5 and Blake, this banner was fashioned by dying 6 white queen sized sheets in yellow, and sewn together with 5 black sheets with the LH and Crew liquid stitched to the fabric. Displayed at the Seattle game, the scarf was probably the most well seen and documented TIFO of the season. Over 15 people on game day went through the motions and displayed it on pvc poles up in the air during the 8th minute. Probably the longest banner in Crew history and to my own recent memory, never done in any other MLS setting, I crown this scarf as the 2010 TIFO of the season.

These 5 were my best choices for the season, but I’m sure many others could have made the list. As always, I leave it up to you to agree or disagree on what you consider to be the best fan displays of the season. My sole hope is that next year, our faithful Nordecke follows will create more banners that will outdo our current expectations and continue to be the best supporters group in the MLS.

Until next time, I’ll leave this quote, which I found on bigsoccer, that I think is very relevant to the nature of who we are as the Nordecke.

“The summer supporter and the sunshine fan will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their club; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Championship, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

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  1. I liked the Super 3 one. I think it was only shown at the first chicago away game. Very nice and very fitting and looked good on espn.