Sunday, November 8, 2009

11/8/09: All A Twitter. Crew Adding Dominate Striker From South America?

Everyone has been freaking out since players actually like to go home in the offseason...

From Robbie Rogers twitter:
Packing my apt. Too much work...
1:37 PM Nov 6th from TwitterBerry Leaving, gone, adios...
7:24 AM Nov 6th from web Dont understand some things in life
10:26 PM Nov 5th from web

Everybody is freaking out thinking Robbie Rogers is headed elsewhere. But seems he is only packing up for the off-season to California and is excited for next year.

From a reliable bigsoccer member:
I saw Rodney at Kroger yesterday he was getting some groceries...

He's cool - says he's looking forward to heading home to Cali for the off-season and coming back next year to win the treble - CCL, SS and MLS Cup - along with GBS and a striker that's likely making his way up from South American this off-season. He said this man's a beast and will immediately make the Crew a contender for the World Football Championship.

Hmm... That would'nt be this guy, no?

Start the Palermo rumors round 17.

The offseason could be really good or really bad.... We'll see. I guess this is where Warzycha and co. will really be tested. I was probably a little hard on him yesterday (frustration from the loss) as he has gotten us the Supporters Shield and advanced us in CONCACAF. He deserves a chance to correct the shortcomings of this team and make it his own with the moves he makes this offseason. As maybe Columbus just didn't have the ammunition this year to win the treble and will re-load in the offseason.

Hell, I'll be smitten as soon as we sign Guillermo for one more year and find a striker that he can actually feed. We need to make sure we can find a striker who can find the damn net for once or the offseason will be a failure. No okay strikers, a pure striker.


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