Wednesday, November 4, 2009

11/4/09: Crew Preview, Leg 2 vs. RSL- Do or Die For Nordecke, Columbus, & Crew

Guess what tomorrow is?

It's do or die. We need Thursday to be, the most intimidating the Nordecke has ever been. We need to bring our A game and lose our voices like the Eastern Conference last year. We need no lulls in chanting. Everything is on the line for the Columbus Crew and the Nordecke. Right here is a turning point. As either the Crew lose and fade back to their 2005-2007 anti-glory, or they win and become a successful dynasty in MLS for many years to come.

In the end of 90 minutes on Thursday, it could either mean years more of success. If we lose there could be a mass exodus of players and years more of failure. So, quite a bit riding on this game if you ask me.

The Best Thing That Could Come From The Opening Whistle..

Is the ceasing of constant articles and supporters whining about Schelotto being left out of the playoff away opener. Schelotto will play the full 90 minutes on Thursday. Also, based on current form and the stituation it wasn't the most insane decision I have ever seen. GET OVER IT PEOPLE! And to be honest, if Guillermo and Moreno are rattled by sitting out maybe that will be the ticket to whaking them up. As both have been dormant for the entire second half of the season.

Time to whake up boys.

Time For The Crew To Stop With The Damn Excuses And Play Their Game At Home

Man if I have to hear another article about the Crew being worn out from Champions League I will dance on a fat chick. Champions don't make excuses for poor form, they turn it around, and make things happen. Plus, the Crew have played one Champions League game in the last 40 days, after a while it is no longer a certifible excuse.

Further, Manchester United (yes they have more reserves, blah, blah, blah) plays in the Champions League as well as a couple of domestic cups. They might have a little dip in form. But, seriously? Are we still hungover from September's run of games?

Play Two Strikers in Front of Schelotto

Thursday night has to be an all out attack from the whistle. I would play Hejduk, Marshall, and Padula in the back and go with Schelotto with Moreno and either Lenhart or Renteria up top. What the hell we need goals. Mise well try to overpower them in. And, we will not score with just Moreno alone up top.

Sure, it is a risk. But, RSL will be playing bunkerball most of the game. I forsee a game similiar to the Crew's 2-0 win over Puerto Rico in the Champions League, if the Crew play a 3-5-2 and RSL bunkers. Good news if that happens, as that game ended in a 2-0 result and was all Crew attack.

Furthermore, RSL cannot really afford to leave their flanks exposed so I do not see them attacking much. They might try to get one really quick though, to try to take the wind out of the sails of the Crew and the Nordecke.

Projected Lineup:

Get the goals early and then we may be able to drop off one attacker. But, I would not drop off of the attack until we are up 3-0. Because if we lay off and RSL gets one back then the series is tied.

Good Quotes:
"If we can create that again and somehow have that kind of atmosphere it would be unbelievable," Moreno said. "It falls not only to the crowd but ourselves to give them a reason to get behind us by showing we're going to be fighting from the start to get a result and move on to the next round."

The Crew win 3-0 and establish that they are back and should be taken serious in the playoffs. A chest thumping, getting mental kind of showing.

One more step towards this...


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