Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11/24/09: Zayner Protected, Padula May Get Picked.

According to Shawn Mitchell, Jed Zayner is still protected under Generation Adidas. Therefore, Zayner cannot be selected by the Philadelphia Union. Zayner would have been the perfect pick for Philadelphia Union, cheap and talented enough to start. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Zayner wasn't totally against a fresh start in Philadelphia. But, as a Crew fan, I'm glad Zayner is protected and I have high hopes for him as our future and possibly present right back.

So, with Zayner out of the picture; A lot of Crew fans are now saying Jason Garey or Andy Iro would make the most sense for the Philadelphia Union in regards to bang for your buck. I disagree and I think Nowak will look for legitimate starters. The only legitimate, no doubt, starter who can give the Union some solid seasons is Gino Padula. That sucks. I really like Gino, he was our best defender in 2009, and it was pretty dumb not to protect him. Padula has at least two or three good seasons in him at 33 and I'm guessing those will now be with Philly.

If Gino is selected by Philly, then this was not a smart move by the Crew, since we have no other left backs on our whole team. I hope the Philadelphia Union takes Garey or Iro but I don't see it happening even though Padula is more expensive.


  1. Let's be honest. Padula and Hejduk are way too expensive for what they do. Frankie cost the Crew two games in the playoffs and realistically, Padula has never been that great at staving off goals. Neither of them has much of a career left and its only hurting the younger players who aren't getting play time. Zayner and Moffat are young and Warzycha can make them into players worth getting behind. I feel like the Crew are just dumping future dead weight while they still can.

  2. they took moreno. My thoughts: blessing in disguise.