Monday, November 23, 2009

11/24/09: What Happened To Indoor Soccer?

I was just clicking through some old school stuff and I found this youtube video of the Tacoma Stars of the Major Indoor Soccer League from the 1980's to the early 90's rather interesting. Apparently, Preki, Roy Wegerle, and Steve Zungul played for the Stars in front of crowds as high as 21,000.

And, here is the Tacoma Stars today. A wee bit different.

Here is an example of the San Diego Sockers. This example reminds me of hockey. But, with the higher scoring you would figure indoor soccer would be even more popular with regular Americans, who crave fast paced action with high scores.

Also surprisingly, the Cleveland Force in 1986/1987 (logo above) had an average attendance of 14,111 over 26 home games. That is just a little less than the Crew in 2009 with the Force having 11 more regular season games in 1986.

I remember the Cleveland Crunch, but the best that they could do is 8,000 as their highest average attendance. Nevertheless, they did have a following and people who definitely cared. And, crowds that showed up for the big moments. Here is one of their best moments (read the comments, hope that is never us 20 years from now):

So, what ever happened to indoor soccer? I always loved to play it in high school and college. Could a successful indoor league ever work in America again?


  1. Holy crap!! I was at that Crunch game. It was awesome. I like going to those games and I went to the Canton Invaders games too. Cleveland Force were great games too. Darth Vader would come out and bang on the glass before the line ups were announced. It was fun to watch but I would think to myself when I was at these games, outdoor is so much better.

  2. im from dayton and my family was huge into indoor soccer. my cousin played for the dayton dynamo for a while then after they moved to cincy we followed them there. after they folded we continued to make the 3+ hour drive to cleveland a couple times a year to see the crunch/force games and was at the 3 championships they won. i know hector marinaro and otto orf, two of the best indoor players of all time are still involved with soccer around cleveland and that indoor leagues are still tryin to make it.they are definitely fun to watch so check one out if you ever get the chance!