Monday, November 23, 2009

11/23/09: The Slightly Baffling Protection List

Protecting Moffat is quite a surprise.

Every expansion year, which appears to be just about every year nowadays in MLS, the Crew loses a solid player to the expansion draft. This year the Crew stands to lose either Jed Zayner, Emilio Renteria, Gino Padula, or Frankie Hejduk. I don't see them picking anyone else and I'm expecting the Philadelphia Union to capitalize on the Crew's mistake and either go with Zayner or Renteria.

Overall, three of those four (Padula, Renteria, Zayner) were on my protected list, while some protected players (Brunner, Hesmer, Moffat) were not. So, how do you feel about who was protected and who was not? If you're late to the party, here's the list:

D Eric Brunner
MF Brian Carroll
MF Emmanuel Ekpo
MF Eddie Gaven
GK William Hesmer
F Steven Lenhart
D Chad Marshall
MF Adam Moffat
D/MF Danny O’Rourke
MF Robbie Rogers
MF/F Guillermo Barros Schelotto

MF Kevin Burns
MF Corey Elenio
F Jason Garey
MF Alex Grendi
GK Andy Gruenebaum
D Frankie Hejduk
D Andy Iro
F Alejandro Moreno
MF Duncan Oughton
D Gino Padula
F Emilio Renteria
GK Kenny Schoeni
D Jed Zayner


1.) Adam "10 games in the last two years" Moffat gets protected? Which makes me wonder if the Crew front office is playing some sort of crude joke on us. First off, there isn't a chance that Peter Nowak picks Moffat. Secondly, when Moffat came off of his multiple injuries and was healthy at the end of this year, he looked like one quarter of the Moffat from the start of 2008. I like Moffat as a person and I hope he gets back to form, but can you honestly say he is worth protecting? Moffat can't even find his way anywhere close to the starting lineup these days and we protect him over Padula, Renteria, Zayner, and Hejduk?

2.) Jed Zayner is better than Eric Brunner. I do not get all the Eric Brunner love considering the second half of Brunner's season was god awful. I rather just have Danny O'Rourke play center back.

3.) Gino Padula was our best defensive player in 2009. Sure, Chad Marshall received that award from MLS... But, Padula was there every game and was a rock for the Crew at left back. Who exactly are we going to replace him with? Padula has at least two good seasons in him, still only 33.

4.) If Jed Zayner is picked, who is going to play right back for us after Hejduk retires? Who knows if Hejduk even has a full season left in him. Hejduk only played 14 games for the Crew in 2009 and did not look like Frankie Hejduk in the playoffs or in Denmark.

5.) I think for $90,000 Renteria is a steal. I like Lenhart, but can you honestly say that Lenhart is going to be a 10-15 goals a year guy for us? I hope Lenhart is eventually, but I think Renteria could be if he had a full season. Losing Renteria could bite us in the ass eventually in Philly.

I also think Lenhart was protected over Renteria basically because everyone loves Lenhart's hair and his sense of humor. Soccer can be so gay like that sometimes, lol.

Anyways, I could see Nowak taking a flier on Renteria. I probably would if I was him.

6.) Think it is between Zayner, Renteria, and Padula on who gets picked. All three in my opinion should have been protected. If they pick Moreno, wow, celebration and PU's management is just as thick as some of these picks.


  1. For everybody wondering out there, Zayner is not on either the protected or unprotected lists. It looks like he is still Generation Adidas...

  2. Its official. Jed is still Gen A. until his contract expires at the end of the year, thus he is protected during the draft!

    Now the inclusion of Moffat on the protected list makes a little more sense but I still think Emilio deserved the spot over him. My bet is Crew brass are hoping a healthy Moffat is the answer to our CAM woes and that is why they chose him.

  3. Actually, I forgot Padula hadn't made the list either. And, unlike Emilio, there is no doubt that Gino is more valuable than Moffat. So I'm still not sure why Adam made the protected list.

  4. Sorry to mislead you guys on the Gen Adidias situation... I thought the only the guys on the GA team were protected. Shows how much I know!

    Anyways, Padula is probably gone. I was just as confused as the next guy about Moffat as I he has only proven himself to be injury-prone so far (not a knock on him, it's just that he had a bad injury), so I don't think Philly would take a risk on him since he only has played in, what 15 games the last 2 years? Hopefully he does the same thing he did in 2008 where he was a little energizer bunny during the preseason and come back as the beast we all know and love. Who knows, maybe because more people know who Moreno is rather than Padula, they'll snag Moreno because he is an experienced veteran and a forward. Remember, he has won a couple of MLS Cups, regardless of 2009

  5. My only thought on the Moffat protection is that maybe the loss of Evans last year pushed us to protect CM's??