Saturday, November 21, 2009

11/21/09: Supporters Summit

The Supporters Shield was presented once again at the Summit. Somebody named James Davenport from Crew Union accepted the trophy:

Got to give this dude some props.. Probably figured he would be the only Crew fan in Seattle.

Some interesting things from the Summit (stress the some):
**Don Garber prefers having a Western Conference and Eastern Conference because then there are more winners in MLS. You don't just have the MLS Cup winner, but you also have the Eastern Conference and Western Conference winners. Everyone is a winner! That is so soccer mom!

Unsurprisingly, David Beckham didn't celebrate winning the Western Conference because no one remembers that and because LA has yet to win anything until Sunday.

Garber said, "Once I'm out the first thing that the next commissioner will do is go to a single table." One can only hope.

**Hearing the whole Supporters Shield story made me want to nap. Not that I don't appreciate the hard work of those who made the Shield happen. And, not that I don't enjoy winning it every year... I just think it would've been more interesting if they made the history into a synth rap video and placed it on youtube.

**Drew Carey has too many ideas.. I counted 30 times that he said, "I have an idea."

**The usual too much b*tching about football lines. Odd ideas like changing the venue from Robertson Stadium to Rice's Football Complex which would be a logistical nightmare. You can't just break a lease because the field looks like a cow pasture. Silly, silly MLS fans.

**Watching the Supporters Shield hand off and another 'ugh, supporter shirt.' I'm hoping the Nordecke supporters go more casual in their team gear. Everyone knows you're a supporter if you're in the section. Enough with the walking billboards.

**Other than that, cool little ceremony and a good idea for MLS to put all these sorts of pressers and ceremonies on their website for free. Anyone can follow the build up.

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